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Personal Finance

You will be surprised to know what you don't know. Personal Finance is what we use in our day to day life still not knowing it thoroughly. We help you to understand deepest aspect of the personal finance.  

Money Saving

Everybody wants to save money, but don't know how. Sometime we tell lies to ourselves about money savings. We keep finding excuses for not saving money. We tell you tips and tricks for money saving.

Smart Investment

You cannot create wealth just by saving money. You have to invest it smartly to get the best return out of your savings. You should sleep, not your money. Get your money a JOB.

So what should I do?

Learn finance and money

Yes!!! You got to learn. You think i am done with my studies. But this is the subject in which still 70% to 80% people have very less knowledge. You will be surprise to know facts about your finance. Subscribe to learn for free.

Pay yourself first

Save, save and save... This should be your priority every month. Simple rule - Pay yourself first. keep aside at least 20% of your income every month. There is a formula of 50-30-20. 50-Spend on necessity 30- Leisure 20-Saving 

Invest and Earn

Only saving will not help you to create wealth. Invest your saving into best suitable avenues and see your money growing with your age. Compound interest will give you unbelievable returns in the long run

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