The 10 Biggest Financial Lies We Tell Ourselves(9 min read)

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  1. Hi, there!

    I like this article of yours. Very timely. However, there is thing could “investment” that is getting a lot more popular nowadays. Do you think it’s wiser to invest instead of just plainly saving your money? Hmm.


  2. Thanks. Enjoyed reading this 🙂

  3. darlingceo says:

    I have 10+ years of financial services experience and I have heard all of these so many times. #3 drives me the most crazy. If you don’t make a lot of money that is even more reason for you to save to protect yourself for a financial setback. Even if it is a few dollars, it adds up and instills the habit of saving. Great post!

  4. Yes, everybody should save no matter how much you earn.

  1. 10/12/2017

    […] The 10 Biggest Financial Lies We Tell Ourselves […]

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