Free Expense Tracking Excel Template

Stay on the top of your expenses with this free expense tracking excel template. This template is completely free to download. The excel template works with Microsoft Excel version 2013 onwards. With this expense tracking template you will be able to track your income, expenses and savings. You can also set the monthly saving goal and track your goal versus actual savings every month.

Free Expense Tracking Excel Template

This beautiful template also tells you about your expense break up through beautiful pie chart. This will help you to see all your monthly expenses at a glance. Not only that, this template will help you to find out your top five sending category for the month. It will also show you the date wise spending for each month.

The dynamic dashboard will help you to track your income and expenses with just one click. The time bar will help you to select the month for which you want to check your income or expenses.

Expense tracking excel dashboard

free expense tracking excel template

you must track your expenses on a regular basis to keep a tab on your spending. Tracking expenses is the first step in getting your finances in order. By knowing what is your spending behavior, you will realize that there are few expenses which you could have avoided. You can see exactly where your money is going and where is the scope to cut down your expenses.

Make it a routine to track your expenses and this tracker will help you to manage your money efficiently. This template will not only help you to track your expenses, but also helps you to get a good idea of your spending behavior.

This excel template will automate your expense reporting and shows you all the numbers which you must know about your monthly budget. The template is 100% flexible and you can add/edit infinite number of category as per your wish. Though I would recommend to have 20-30 expense category at the max. This will help you to segregate your expenses into various categories.

Key features of Expense tracker excel template

  • Tracks your income, expense and savings.
  • Monthly dashboard view for all your important numbers.
  • Category wise income & expense breakup.
  • Date wise income/expense breakup.
  • Top 5 category wise income/expense.
  • Define your saving goal.
  • Track saving goal v/s actual saving.
  • Category wise average spending v/s. monthly spending.
  • Month wise summary of income and expense.