ICICI FASTag – How to Apply and Recharge?

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The NHAI (National Highways Authority of India has directed all toll plaza in India to go digital for collecting toll tax to reduce road traffic and long queue at the toll plaza. There is a mandatory requirement for all the vehicles to have a FASTag RFID tag on their vehicle so that the tax would be deducted from the account directly. In this article, I will discuss the detailed process of applying the ICICI FASTag account and how to recharge the account.

What is FASTag?

FASTag is the electronic toll collection system through which the toll tax has been deducted directly from your FASTag account. So you don’t have to stand in a long queue at the toll tax booth on the highways.

FASTag uses a wireless RFID tag that is pasted on your car’s windscreen, as you approach the toll tax the RFID tag will be scanned and the toll tax will be deducted from your prepaid account.

This is now a mandatory system at the toll tax for collecting the tax. If you don’t have the FASTag account then you will have to pay the double tax as a penalty.

fastag mandatory

A public circular from the Road Ministry said that from December 1, all highway toll plazas will be converted to the Fastag system. This means that there will be no cash payment after the system is implemented. And you have to fast-start this system. You can get this FASTag from any bank or online. Whose every process is quite simple.

I have written a detailed article on What is FASTag and how to apply online?

How to get ICICI FASTag account?

There are four ways by which you can get the ICICI FASTag account,

  1. Online application
  2. Offline Application
  3. Through SMS
  4. Through Call

ICICI FASTag – Online Application

  • Visit the ICICI Bank FASTag Page
  • Click on the Apply now button
  • Select your ID proof from the list
  • Enter your ID proof number
  • Enter your personal basic details and upload your ID proof
  • Click on the “Continue” button
ICICI FASTag - Online Application
ICICI FASTag – Online Application
  • On the next screen enter your vehicle details
  • Enter your address
  • Enter your Vehicle manufacturing company
  • Upload the RC book copy
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Enter the OPT you have received
  • Check the charges
  • Click on the “Next” button
  • On the next screen please verify all the details you have entered
  • Accept Terms and Conditions
  • Now proceed for payment
  • Pay the charges through your bank account

You are done. The FASTag online account opening process is completed. Now you will receive the physical FASTag card within a week at the address you have mentioned in the application.

ICICI FASTag – Offline Application

  • Visit the nearest ICICI bank branch office
  • Fill the application form
  • Attached the documents like driving license, address proof, passport size photo, vehicle RC book, etc.
  • Pay the account opening charges (you can give instruction to debit the charges to your bank account)

Documents required for ICICI FASTag account opening

  • Driving license
  • ID proof such as – Driving license, Voter card, Aadhaar card, PAN card
  • Latest Address proof such as – the Electricity bill, AMC tax bill, Landline telephone bill, etc.
  • Recent Passport size photo
  • Vehicle RC book (original for verification)

ICICI FASTag – Through SMS

If you are too lazy, here is a piece of good news for you. Get your ICICI FASTag account opening just by sending below SMS to 5676766 – ICICI Bank. The bank representative will contact you within 2 working days.

SMS text: ITOLL(Space)PIN Code(Space)Name

For example, ITOLL 380015 Vishal Jhaveri

Send SMS to 5676766

ICICI FASTag – Through Call

Call the ICICI Bank customer care on Toll-free No: 1800 210 0104

Call the call center from your registered mobile number and they will take your request for account opening. The sales team will then give you a callback and fix the appointment. They will also explain the basic documents required for account opening so that you are prepared when the bank executive visits your place.

Benefits of ICICI FASTag Account

  • Saves Time and fuel at the toll booth
  • Get the instant SMS alert when the amount is deducted from the account
  • Get 2.5% cashback on the transaction amount
  • Easy and fast recharge of your FASTag account online
  • ICICI FASTag mobile app
  • Various payment method for account recharge
  • Dedicated web portal for ICICI customers to access the FASTag ICICI account

How to Login to the ICICI FASTag account online?

  • Visit ICICI FASTag Customer Login page
  • Select Individual or Corporate Login
  • On the next screen select the option for login i.e. via username or mobile number
  • Enter the registered mobile number
icici fastag account login
  • Enter the verification code displayed on the right side
  • Click on the “Request for OTP” button
  • OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number
  • Enter the 8 digit OTP that you have received
  • Accept Terms and condition (for 1st-time login only)
  • You will now see your account summary page
FASTag account summary

This page has all the details of your FASTag account like,

  • Name
  • Address
  • FASTag customer ID
  • Address, Account balance
  • Vehicle number
  • Tag account number
  • Tag serial number
  • Account status

On the next tab “Statment & Activity” you can see your account statement for as on date. Click on the generate statement and your online account statement will be generated.

You can download the account statement by clicking on the “Download Statement” button.

FASTag ICICI Generate account statement

Recharge FASTag ICICI Account online

You can recharge your account as well by going to the next tab i.e. “Payments”

  • Select the account you want to recharge.
  • Enter the amount for which you want to recharge your account
  • Verify the details and select the payment option
  • You can pay via ICICI bank account or credit card
  • You will get the confirmation SMS on successful recharge
  • You can transfer the account balance to another FASTag account from the option “Transfer Balance”
  • There is an option for giving standing instruction at the regular interval so that every time you don’t have to log in and recharge your FASTag account.
fastag recharge

FASTag Fees

Charges applicable on FASTag

Tag Joining Fee*Rs. 99.12 (including GST)

One – time tag deposit amount

Tag ClassDescriptionTag ColourTag DepositThreshold amount
4Car / Jeep / VanViolet200200
4TATA Ace and similar mini Light Commercial VehicleViolet200100
5Light Commercial Vehicle / Mini BusOrange300140
6Bus 3 AxleYellow400300
6Truck 3 AxleYellow500300
7Bus 2 Axle / Truck 2 AxleGreen400300
12Tractor / Tractor with trailer / Truck 4/ 5/ 6 AxlePink500300
15Truck 7 Axle and aboveBlue500300
16Earth Moving / Heavy Construction Machinery  Black500300

Here are the convenience charges are taken by the ICICI bank for account recharge through various payment modes.

Payment OptionApplicable Amount
ICICI Bank CIB and RIBFree
Debit Card0.2% to 0.85% of the transaction value
Credit Card1.8% of the transaction value
Internet Banking1% to 1.65% of the transaction value
NEFTCUG wallet recharge: Free or NEFT/RTGS charged as levied by the source banking wallet recharge: Rs.15 per transaction for Tag level recharge

eToll By ICICI Bank

eToll is the mobile app developed by ICICI Bank for using its FASTag account. The app is available on the Play store. You can download the same and log in via the online method as mentioned above.

For iOS users, they have to wait a bit more. The mobile app for the iPhone is still under construction.

The features of eToll are

• Recharge you FASTag anytime anywhere with convenient recharge options- internet banking, payment gateway
• Fast and secure OTP based login
• View and transact on all your FASTags
• Check balance and generate the statement
• Find toll fare for trips

List of the ICICI Bank Active Toll Plaza

Sl. No.Plaza CodePlaza NamePlaza CityPlaza StatePlaza Type
11002L&T VadodraVadodaraGujaratNational
22001IRB BoriachNavsariGujaratNational
32002IRB CharotiPalgharMaharashtraNational
42003IRB BhagwadaValsadGujaratNational
52004IRB ChoryasiSuratGujaratNational
62005Ahmedabad Toll PlazaAhmedabadGujaratNational
72006Ahmedabad (Ring Road) Toll PlazaAhmedabadGujaratNational
82007Nadiad Toll PlazaKhedaGujaratNational
92008Anand Toll PlazaAnandGujaratNational
102009Vadodara Toll PlazaVadodaraGujaratNational
158001Jaipur PlazaJaipurRajasthanNational
168002Kishangarh PlazaAjmerRajasthanNational
179001Shahjahanpur Toll PlazaAlwarRajasthanNational
189002Manoharpura Toll plazaJaipurRajasthanNational
199003Daulatpura Toll PlazaJaipurRajasthanNational
2010001Kavalias Toll PlazaBhilwaraRajasthanNational
2110003Rithola Toll PlazaChittaurgarhRajasthanNational
2210004Narayanpura Toll PlazaUdaipurRajasthanNational
2310008Kathpur Toll PlazaSabarkathaGujaratNational
2413001SriPerumbadurKanchipuramTamil NaduNational
2513002ChennasamaduramVelloreTamil NaduNational
2614001Ambala ChandigarhSahibzada Ajit Singh NagarPunjabNational
2915003ChillakalluKrishnaAndhra PradeshNational
3317001Karjeevanhally Toll PlazaTumkurKarnatakaNational
3417002Guilalu Toll PlazaChitradurgaKarnatakaNational
3518001Vikkravandi Toll PlazaVillupuramTamil NaduNational
3619001SENGURICHI TOLL PLAZAVillupuramTamil NaduNational
3719002THIRUMANDURAI TOLL PLAZAPerambalurTamil NaduNational
3821001Amakthadu toll plazaKurnoolAndhra PradeshNational
3921002Kasepalli toll plazaAnantapuramAndhra PradeshNational
4021003Marur toll plazaAnantapuramAndhra PradeshNational
4122001KappalurMaduraiTamil NaduNational
4222003SalaipudurThoothukudiTamil NaduNational
4323001Nandgaon Toll PlazaAmravatiMaharashtraNational
4424001MANSAR TOLL PLAZANagpurMaharashtraNational
4624003NAGPUR BYPASS CHECK TOLL PLAZANagpurMaharashtraNational
4724004BORKHEDI TOLL PLAZAWardhaMaharashtraNational
4825001Karanja Toll PlazaWardhaMaharashtraNational
4926001Korai Toll PlazaAgraUttar PradeshNational
5027001Khalghat Toll PlazaDharMadhya PradeshNational
5128001Barajore toll plazaKanpur DehatUttar PradeshNational
5228002Anantram Toll PlazaAuraiyaUttar PradeshNational
5331001Barkheda Toll PlazaJaipurRajasthanNational
5431002Sonwa Toll PlazaTonkRajasthanNational
5533001Daffi Toll PlazaVaranasiUttar PradeshNational
5633002Mohania Toll PlazaKaimurBiharNational
5733003Sasaram Toll PlazaRohtasBiharNational
5834001Raikal Toll PlazaMahabubnagarTelanganaNational
5936001Samayapuram Toll PlazaTiruchirappalliTamil NaduNational
6039001L&T PANIPATPanipatHaryanaNational
6140001Khaniwade Toll PlazaPalgharMaharashtraNational
6242001Vijayamangalam Toll PlazaErodeTamil NaduNational
6344001TASAWADE TOLL PLAZASataraMaharashtraNational
6444002Kini Toll PlazaKolhapurMaharashtraNational
6545001Guduru Toll PlazaNalgondaTelanganaNational
6646001Bijapur Toll PlazaBijapurKarnatakaNational
6746002Nagarhalla Toll PlazaBagalkotKarnatakaNational
6847001Tatiawas Toll PlazaJaipurRajasthanNational
6948001Sullurpet Plaza (NH- 16), (old NH-5)NelloreAndhra PradeshNational
7048002Budhanam Plaza (NH- 16),(old NH-5)NelloreAndhra PradeshNational
7148003Nellore Plaza (NH- 16), (old NH-5)NelloreAndhra PradeshNational
7248004Keesara Plaza (NH-65), (old NH-9)VijaywadaAndhra PradeshNational
7349001Kaza Toll Plaza MangalgiriGunturAndhra PradeshNational
7453001Gondkhairi PlazaNagpurMaharashtraNational
7554001Patas PlazaPuneMaharashtraNational
7654002Sardewadi PlazaRaigadMaharashtraNational
7755001Ponnambalapatti PlazaTiruchirappalliTamil NaduNational
7856001Kozhinjiipatti PlazaDindigulTamil NaduNational
7957001Rasampalayam PlazaNamakkalTamil NaduNational
8058001Mettupatti PlazaSalemTamil NaduNational
8158002Nathakkarai PlazaSalemTamil NaduNational
8259001Thiruparaithurai PlazaTiruchirappalliTamil NaduNational
8359002Manavasi PlazaKarurTamil NaduNational
8460001Krishnagiri PlazaKrishnagiriTamil NaduNational
8561001Anewadi Toll PlazaSataraMaharashtraNational
8661002Khed-Shivapur Toll PlazaPuneMaharashtraNational
8762001Srinagar Toll PlazaPalwalHaryanaNational
8862002Mahuvan Toll PlazaMathuraUttar PradeshNational
8963101BellupadaIcchapuramAndhra PradeshNational
9068001AgnampadiVishakhapatnamAndhra PradeshNational
9172002PottipaduKrishnaAndhra PradeshNational
9273001Bollapalli Toll PlazaPrakasamAndhra PradeshNational
9373002Tangatur Toll PlazaPrakasamAndhra PradeshNational
9473003Musunur Toll PlazaNelloreAndhra PradeshNational
9779001Sakapur Toll plazaMahabubnagarTelanganaNational
100104001Makrauli Kalan Toll PlazaRohtakHaryanaNational
101104002Dahar Toll PlazaPanipatHaryanaNational
102107002Ghanghri Toll PlazaGiridihJharkhandNational
104116001Plaza 1 @ Km 14+825Bangalore RuralKarnatakaNational
105116003Devanahalli Toll PlazaBangalore RuralKarnatakaNational
106120002Kadabhalli (Kirasave) Toll PlazaMandyaKarnatakaNational
107125002ChoundhaMorenaMadhya PradeshNational
108125003Baretha or JajauAgraUttar PradeshNational
109126001MehraGwaliorMadhya PradeshNational
110127003TitarpaniSagarMadhya PradeshNational
111127004BakoriDamohMadhya PradeshNational
112129001RamnagarShivpuriMadhya PradeshNational
113129002RakshaJhansiUttar PradeshNational
114130001GunaGunaMadhya PradeshNational
115131001Jamli Toll PllazaBarwaniMadhya PradeshNational
117138001Sendurwafa toll plazaBhandaraMaharashtraNational
120140001Chandwad toll plazaNashikMaharashtraNational
121140002Laling toll plazaDhuleMaharashtraNational
122142001Ghoti toll plazaNashikMaharashtraNational
123142002Arjunalli toll plazaThaneMaharashtraNational
124148001Manguli Toll PlazaCuttackOdishaNational
125152001Srirampur toll plazaJajpurOdishaNational
126154001Gharonda Toll PlazaKarnalHaryanaNational
127155001Chandimandir Toll PlazaPanchkulaHaryanaNational
128157001BSC-C&C Kurali Toll PlazaRupnagarPunjabNational
129158001Harsa Mansar Toll PlazaHoshiarpurPunjabNational
135164001Sikandra Toll PlazaDausaRajasthanNational
136164002Rajadhok Toll PlazaJaipurRajasthanNational
139167001Vaniyambadi Toll PlazaVelloreTamil NaduNational
140167002Pallikonda Toll PlazaVelloreTamil NaduNational
141169001L&T Krishnagiri Thopur Toll PlazaDharmapuriTamil NaduNational
142170001VelanchettiyurDindigulTamil NaduNational
143173001ParanurKanchipuramTamil NaduNational
144176001ValvanthankottaiTiruchirappalliTamil NaduNational
145176002ElliyarpathyVirudhunagarTamil NaduNational
146176003PudurpandiyapuramThoothukudiTamil NaduNational
147178001LembalakudiPudukkottaiTamil NaduNational
148178002LechchumanapattiPudukkottaiTamil NaduNational
149180001Tundla Toll PlazaFirozabadUttar PradeshNational
150180002Gurau (Formerly Semra Atikabad) Toll PlazaFirozabadUttar PradeshNational
151181002Vighakhet Toll PlazaLalitpurUttar PradeshNational
152188001Chamari Toll PlazaJalaunUttar PradeshNational
153189001AIT Toll PlazaJalaunUttar PradeshNational
154190001SEMRI Toll PlazaJhansiUttar PradeshNational
155191001Dasna Toll plazaGhaziabadUttar PradeshNational
156193001Brijghat Toll PlazaHapurUttar PradeshNational
157196001Itaunja Toll PlazaSitapurUttar PradeshNational
158197001Khairabad Toll PlazaSitapurUttar PradeshNational
159199001KOKHRAJ (Sirohi) Toll PlazaKaushambiUttar PradeshNational
160199002HANDIYA (Sujala ) Toll PlazaAllahabadUttar PradeshNational
161199003Nawabganj Toll PlazaAllahabadUttar PradeshNational
162199004SORAON Toll PlazaAllahabadUttar PradeshNational
163199005SAHSON Toll PlazaAllahabadUttar PradeshNational
164203001PalsitBardhamanWest BengalNational
165203002DankuniHooghlyWest BengalNational
166204001Rajchandrapur Toll PlazaHowrahWest BengalNational
167205001Jaladhulagori toll plazaHowrahWest BengalNational
168205002Debra toll plazaWest MedinipurWest BengalNational
169207001SurjapurUttar DinajpurWest BengalNational
170208001SonapetyaPurba MedinipurWest BengalNational
171210001Chandermore PlazaMurshidabadWest BengalNational
172210002Shibpur PlazaMurshidabadWest BengalNational
173211001Barsoni Toll PlazaPurniaBiharNational
174214002Milanpur Toll PlazaBetulMadhya PradeshNational
175216001Sivaya Toll PlazaMeerutUttar PradeshNational
176217002Mandal Toll PlazaTapiGujaratNational
177218001Dakhina Shekpur Toll PlazaRae BareliUttar PradeshNational
182230001IVRCL Chengapally Tollways LimitedTiruppurTamil NaduNational
183231001Methoon Toll PlazaJhalawarRajasthanNational
184233001Kishorepura Toll PlazaKotaRajasthanNational
185234002Chagalmarri Toll PlazaKurnoolAndhra PradeshNational
186235001Mandawara Toll PlazaRajsamandRajasthanNational
187235002Negadiya Toll PlazaRajsamandRajasthanNational
188238001ChikhalikalaBetulMadhya PradeshNational
190239100LUHARLI Toll plazaGautam Buddh NagarUttar PradeshNational
191239101GABHANA TollplazaAligarhUttar PradeshNational
192239300Unguturu Toll PlazaWest GodavariAndhra PradeshNational
193239500Surathkal Toll PlazaDakshina KannadaKarnatakaNational
194239700PamPamPallam Toll PlazaPalakkadKeralaNational
195239800Balgudar Toll PlazaLakhisaraiBiharNational
196240000Patanswangi Toll PlazaNagpurMaharashtraNational
197241200Bhiknoor Toll PlazaNizamabadTelanganaNational
198241300Runni Shaidpur Toll PlazaSitamarhiBiharNational
199241400Guabari Toll PlazaAlipurduarWest BengalNational
200241800Nuruddinpur toll plazaAmethiUttar PradeshNational
201241801KunwarpurJaunpurUttar PradeshNational
202241900Lakholi Toll PlazaRaipurChhattisgarhNational
203242000Madina Toll PlazaRohtakHaryanaNational
204242001Mayar Toll PlazaHisarHaryanaNational
205120001Shantigrama Toll PlazaHassanKarnatakaNational
206213001Gadoi Toll PlazaJunagadhGujaratNational
207213002Dari Toll PlazaGir SomnathGujaratNational
208217001Bhatia Toll PlazaSuratGujaratNational
209144001Diengpasoh Toll PlazaRi-BhoiMeghalayaNational
210237001Pahammawlein Toll PlazaRi-BhoiMeghalayaNational
211239600Nangli Toll PlazaRi-BhoiMeghalayaNational
212106001Bann Toll PlazaUdhampurJ&KNational
21324400018th Mile Toll PlazaRi-BhoiMeghalayaNational
214244001Gazole Toll PlazaRi-BhoiMeghalayaNational
2155001Shedung Toll PlazaShedungMaharashtraState
2165002Khalapur Toll PlazaKhalapurMaharashtraState
2175004Kusgaon Toll PlazaKusgaonMaharashtraState
2185005Talegaon Toll PlazaTalegaonMaharashtraState
219245001SONWAY Toll PlazaIndoreMadhya PradeshNational
230550011Pedda AmberpetHyderabadTelanganaState
232550013Ravi RyalHyderabadTelanganaState
236550017Rajendra NagarHyderabadTelanganaState
239320013ALEP Main Plaza 21FatehabadUttar PradeshState
240320014ALEP Ramp Plaza 27FatehabadUttar PradeshState
241320015ALEP Ramp Plaza 54ShikohabadUttar PradeshState
242320016ALEP Ramp Plaza 77EtawahUttar PradeshState
243320017ALEP Ramp Plaza 92SaifaiUttar PradeshState
244320018ALEP Ramp Plaza 108EtawahUttar PradeshState
245320019ALEP Ramp Plaza 116EtawahUttar PradeshState
246320020ALEP Ramp Plaza 154SaurikhUttar PradeshState
247320021ALEP Ramp Plaza 171Taki GramUttar PradeshState
248320022ALEP Ramp Plaza 193KannaujUttar PradeshState
249320023ALEP Ramp Plaza220KanpurUttar PradeshState
250320024ALEP Ramp Plaza 238UnnaoUttar PradeshState
251320025ALEP Main Plaza 290LucknowUttar PradeshState
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