Is SIP a Safe Option to Invest in for 20 Years?

SIP a Safe Option

Investing your hard-earned money is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration. With a plethora of investment options available, it’s essential to choose the right avenue that aligns with your financial goals and risk appetite. One such investment avenue that has gained popularity in recent years is a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). In this article, … Read more

Mutual Fund Insights

mutual fund insights

Making the most of price correction, the month of October recorded the highest ever monthly purchase by domestic mutual funds in equities (net buyers of INR 239bn in Oct-18). Existing cash chest coupled with relentless inflows (INR 155bn in October) into equity schemes has been one of the key reasons behind this. Mutual funds aggressively … Read more

Mutual Fund SIP via Whatsapp – Innovative service by Wishfin


Investing in a mutual fund might be risky, but it’s now super easy! Wishfin has launched another innovative service that is to invest into mutual fund SIP via Whatsapp. Earlier about a month back, Wishfin has launched the service of getting your CIBIL score on Whatsapp. The product was a big success, more than a … Read more

Mutual Fund Scheme Merger

mutual fund scheme merger

To Comply with the SEBI’s guideline of mutual fund re-categorization, many of the mutual fund houses have merged their existing schemes into either their existing schemes with the same scheme theme or form a new name. As per the circular, all AMCs are required to re-classify their existing schemes based on their asset allocation to respective … Read more

What is Loan against Mutual Funds?

mutual fund

You must have heard, “Saving for rainy days”. Imagine those rainy days has actually come. what will you do if you are not prepared for those rainy days? Financial crisis – small or big can come at any time. It happens you need money at short notice. You are running out of the money and … Read more

Why should you invest in L&T Mutual Fund SIP?

L&T Mutual Fund SIP

L&T Mutual Fund is one of the leading Mutual Fund companies in India. The company is managing ₹ 70191 Cr. of AUM (Asset Under Management) as of November 2020. The company aims to become the best AMC across various asset classes. Like all AMC, L&T Mutual Fund SIP is a unique product for retail investors … Read more

What are ELSS Funds and how to invest in India?


Mutual funds have been the talk of the town in the last few months. SIPs have picked up the pace and have become one of the most sought after investments for retail investors. One category of mutual funds does not just provide capital appreciation in the long term but also can be used as a … Read more

ESG Mutual Fund – Don’t Invest

esg mutual fund

In the recent past, there is a lot more awareness seen in terms of sustainability. The corporate has started charting the plan for climate sustainability. There is already a climate emergency declared worldwide. Under such a scenario, it is imperative for businesses to look for climate sustainability as one of the business drivers. ESG Mutual … Read more

Best SIP Calculator for accurate planning

sip calculator

If you know a little thing about mutual funds, you must have heard about SIP. A SIP is a Systematic Investment Plan which lets you invest in stocks of the different companies at the regular intervals. These intervals could be weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc. It is called systematic because it invests a stipulated amount at … Read more

Do’s & Don’ts of Investing in Mutual Fund

Do's & Don't of Investing in Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund Sahi Hai – This is the best ever ad campaign run by the AMCs together. This has changed the mindset of the people investing in Mutual Funds in India. But all that glitters is not Gold. There is a flip side of mutual funds as well. In this article, I will discuss Do’s … Read more

What Is the Best Time to Book Profit in Mutual Funds

best time to book profit in mutual fund

Investing in mutual funds can be a rewarding venture, but it’s essential to have a well-thought-out strategy to maximize your returns. One crucial aspect of successful mutual fund investing is determining the best time to book profits. In this article, we will explore various factors that can help you make an informed decision about when … Read more

How to save money by investing into direct mutual fund?

direct mutual fund

Do you know that it’s been five years that direct plans of mutual funds are launched? The main USP of direct plans of mutual funds is low cost. Yes, you hear it right, by investing in the direct plan of mutual fund you can save as good as 1% to 1.5% on commission being paid … Read more