MoneyJar – Goal-based mutual fund investment platform

moneyjar is a new age online wealth advisor that helps you make investing your savings in mutual funds easy and rewarding. It turns your thoughts and life goals into actionable advice, which can be seamlessly executed on a secure online transaction platform helping you generate great returns on your investments with just a few clicks. … Read more

AUM Full Form and Meaning

AUM full form and meaning

In the world of finance and investment, there are many terms and concepts that can be confusing for the average person. One such term is AUM, which stands for Assets Under Management. AUM is commonly used in the mutual fund industry and is an important metric for investors to consider when evaluating a mutual fund. … Read more

Paytm Money Mutual Fund App | Step by Step guide

Paytm Money Mutual Fund App

Paytm Money mutual fund app is launched yesterday. Paytm claims to have around 300 million customers and is set to enter mutual fund distribution business. There will be an online portal as well as the mobile app through which you can buy mutual funds. Out of these 300 million customers, about half of them are … Read more

What is NFO? How to Invest in it?

what is nfo

What is NFO? NFO is the New Fund Offer launched by asset management companies. It is just like the IPO launched for the stocks, NFO is for mutual fund schemes. The fund house launches the NFO for the public who will then subscribe to the NFO in the pre-defined tranches. Today, in this article we … Read more

What is Sahmati Platform?

sahmati platform

There are several types of paperwork for opening a new account or taking a loan in the bank. Signed documents have to be submitted not only in banks but also for any kind of financial transactions such as buying life insurance policies, investing in mutual funds, shares, etc. This entire process also takes time and … Read more

Target Maturity Funds: A Low-Risk Investment Option for Your Portfolio

target maturity fund

Target maturity funds, also known as target-date funds or TDFs, are a type of mutual fund designed to provide investors with a simple and convenient way to save for a specific financial goal, such as retirement or a major expense, like buying a house. These funds are structured to gradually shift their asset allocation from … Read more

Best Direct Mutual Funds Platforms in India

best direct mutual funds platforms

Investing in Mutual Funds is very easy! A lot of online portals are offering platforms to invest in direct plans of mutual funds. It’s now as simple as doing your online mobile recharge. These online mutual funds platforms are basically aggregators who help you to purchase a mutual fund scheme from various fund houses. Let’s … Read more

How to Select Liquid Funds?

liquid funds

As the name suggests liquid fund means a debt mutual fund that invests in bonds that mature on or before 91 days. There are a variety of bonds that matures on or before 91 days. In this article, we will discuss how to select liquid funds and what all things you should know before investing … Read more

Tips For Invest Through SIP

Invest through SIP

The Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is an investment scheme that is offered by the fund houses. The SIPs allow investors to put small amounts of money into selected mutual funds. These can be done weekly, monthly or quarterly. Investing a lump sum in equities is not entirely beneficial as a large portion of the … Read more

Benefits of Investing in Hybrid Funds

hybrid fund

When it comes to investments, there are various options available to individuals looking to grow their wealth. One of the popular choices among investors is hybrid funds. These funds combine the best of both worlds by investing in both equity and debt instruments. In this article, we will explore the benefits of investing in hybrid … Read more

Best Mutual Funds SIP to invest in 2021

My friend called me and asked which is the best mutual funds SIP to invest in in 2021? Which are the best plans that will give good returns in the coming days? I am sure this is a common question among many of us. But let me tell you it’s not hard to find the … Read more

Best Large Cap Mutual Funds for 2019

Large cap mutual funds

Large-cap mutual funds are the scheme where the funds have been invested in large-cap companies. I have already written a detailed article on types of mutual funds. Today we will discuss the best large cap mutual funds for the year 2019. Large cap mutual funds provide moderate returns with low risk. If you are a … Read more