Why middle class person always thinks of money?

Do you check your bank account daily? Do you want your children to study hard and take up a job? Are you thinking about money all the time? Do you always have a fear of losing a job? If your answers to the above questions is YES, then you are so middle class. Don’t worry … Read more

The financial philosophy

poor boy

Financial philosophy It’s still 26 k.m. we have to cover to reach our office. We are already getting late and Rihan is as usual driving a car like a bullock cart. The volume of the radio is quite high and looks like he is ignoring me. I felt like I should get off the car … Read more

How to Be Rich With a Salaried Job?

Rich With a Salaried Job

Have you ever wondered how to achieve wealth and financial abundance while working a regular salaried job? Many people believe that becoming rich is only possible through entrepreneurship or inheriting a fortune, but the truth is, with the right strategies and mindset, anyone can accumulate wealth, even with a salaried job. In this article, we … Read more

Alternative to Savings

There are other ways of paying for some of the things you might want to save for. You might want to consider whether any of these would be a better option for you than saving. These include: 1 insurance 2 state benefits 3 borrowing money 4 selling things you own. There are pros and cons … Read more

Save Money or Sink

Life is all about probability. Every event in our life is uncertain until it actually occurs. You must have heated “Saving for rainy days”. There is a probability that rainy days will come in our life or may not come. We have to be prepared in case it happens. If we don’t save for rainy … Read more