How to Save Income Tax? – Pay Zero Tax Up to Rs. 9.85 Lakhs

save income tax

In the Union budget 2019-20 Mr. Piyush Goyel has announced a tax rebate for income up to Rs. 5 lakhs. This means that the salaried people whose yearly earning up to Rs. 5 lakhs, do not have to pay any tax. With this announcement, the person can save additional Rs. 10000 in the same tax … Read more

Income Tax Checklist FY 2019-20

income tax checklist

As you all know that the end of the financial year 2019-20 is approaching. 31st March 2020 is an important date to remember for individual taxpayers in India. This date is the deadline for finishing all your financial obligations. In this article, I will share the income tax checklist that you must complete before 31st … Read more

Financial advice for young Indians

young generation

Financial Advice for young Indians If you are in your twenties, this article is for you. Rewind your life and count how many years you have invested for your academic degree? Most of us have given 20+ years to earn a degree which hardly helps us to stand on our feet. I am not saying … Read more

Best Tax Saving Option In India

best tax saving option

When it comes to financial planning, one of the crucial aspects is tax-saving. In India, individuals have various options available to reduce their taxable income and optimize their overall tax liability. Understanding the best tax saving option can help individuals make informed decisions and achieve their financial goals while minimizing their tax burden. Importance of … Read more

How to Save Income Tax in India

save income tax in india

Are you a salaried person? Looking for a way to save income tax in India? then this article is for you. In India, the income tax deduction happened at the time of salary disbursement. The employer has to deduct the TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) from the salary of the employees every month. This is … Read more