Benefits of having Dividend paying stocks in Portfolio. And why should you have these stocks in your portfolio for long term

Double Profit

Double advantage, Dividend payout and stock price appreciation. Price appreciation is the bonus for you.


Steady Income

Regular and steady income form the dividends. Good for retirement life. It gives more than fixed deposit return.


Weather-proof Stocks

Dividend paying stocks are usually weather-proof stocks that can withstand the bear market.


Health Cash Reserves

Dividend paying companies are having good cash reserves that can help them to meet their cash flow requirements.


Giving back to the share holders

Dividend paying companies are believing in giving back to their shareholders.


Retirement Planning

Dividend paying stocks are giving regular dividends which can help retired people to manage their expenses.


Low Risk Stocks

These companies have strong financials hence the risk on investing in such stocks is limited.


Suitable for conservative Investor

Since the risk is low in such stocks, these companies are suitable for conservative investors.


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