How to Tokenized Your Debit & Credit Card?

What is tokenization?

As per the RBI, “Tokenisation is the replacement of your actual card details with an alternate code called “token”. The token will be a unique combination of card number and device from which the request has been made.


Go to any of the e-commerce website, select the item you wish to buy. Go to the check out page and start the payment process.

Enter your debit card or credit card details on the payment page and process further. Click on the option “Secure your card” OR “Save your card as per RBI guideline”.


You will receive the OTP, enter that OTP on the payment page. Your unique token will be generated and saved instead of your actual debit or credit card number.


On your next transaction on the same website, you will see the last 4 digit of your debit or credit card as the same has been tokenised.


It is mandatory to tokenise the debit or credit card? No, it is optional. However, it is advisable to tokenise your card to prevent fraudulent transaction.