Why you should read this book?

how money moves around in an economy and how personal biases and the emotional factor play an important role in our financial decisions, as well as how to think more rationally and make better decisions when it comes to money

1. Being greedy can turn out to be the biggest financial mistake you’ll ever make.

Envy has no place in the money market, as it can blur your thinking.

Our early experiences with money determine our financial decisions later on.

If you’re rich, you have a high current income. But being wealthy is something different – wealth is not visible. It’s the money that you have that’s not spent.

buying impressive items to gain admiration and respect from others is a fool’s pursuit – these things can not be bought.

Having more flexibility and control over your time is far more valuable than getting another 2% on your returns by working all-nighters or making speculative bets that impact your sleep.

Getting money and keeping money are two distinct skills. While getting money necessitates risk taking, hard word, and an optimistic disposition, keeping money is a different skill.

When it comes to money, someone will always have more of it than you. That’s okay. It’s fine to pursue more money, but don’t start making risky bets that put what you have at risk for something that you don’t need.