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Welcome to wealthpedia.in !!! This is the place to know anything and everything about Personal Finance and Wealth building. We provide smart ideas for wealth creation. Money is the subject we never learned in our school. Through this blog, we challenge the traditional thought process related to Money. We believe that in today’s dynamic and uncertain economic environment, the traditional thought process cannot help you grow your money. To build a wealth one needs to understand the basics of the money and how to manage it efficiently. Personal finance is the topic most of us are avoiding talking about. Because we are afraid talking about it. We help you to learn about various aspects of personal finance.

Author of the Blog

Mr.Vishal Jhaveri, Founder, and Editor of this blog is the Personal Finance Expert. Interestingly, Mr. Jhaveri also covers areas like Investment, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Credit Score, Taxation. He is well-known for his articles on healthy financial life.

Why are we different from the crowd?

  • We don’t believe in sharing what you already know.
  • We are not here to make money, rather we want to make people aware of their personal finance.
  • We share real-life experience and honest and unbiased review.
  • We provide practical solutions/help to real life money problem.
  • We simplify the complex financial jargons and explain it in easy to understand language.

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