LIC’s SIIP ULIP Plan – Table No. 852


Today in this article we will discuss the LIC’s SIIP ULIP Plan which was launched by LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) of India on 2nd March 2020. This is a ULIP Plan. If you don’t know what is ULIP Plan then I have written a detailed article on what is ULIP Plan? Please read that one … Read more

How Nominee For Term Insurance Makes Life Easier?

nominee term insurance

There is no certainty and an unfortunate event may completely change your life. You may have a home loan, education expenses of your children, and other liabilities over and above your regular monthly expenditure. Have you considered what may happen to your loved ones if you are suddenly no longer around to take care of … Read more

CoronaVirus Insurance by Digit

CoronaVirus Insurance by Digit

There are confirmed cases of Coronavirus in India till 4th March 2020. Thus the regulator IRDAI on 4th March 2020 had asked the insurance companies to come u with the insurance policy, especially for coronavirus. While searching insurance policy on Google, I found only 1 company that has come up with the insurance plan. Today, … Read more

Health insurance checklist

health insurance

Health insurance is a necessity in today’s world, with the rising costs of medical treatments and hospitalization. With the increasing demand for health insurance, there are various policies available in the market that offer different benefits and features. Hence, choosing the right health insurance policy can be a challenging task. In this blog post, we … Read more

Best Family Health Insurance Policy

From where do I start? OK, let’s start with the good news. The Life expectancy at birth has jumped up from 59.7 years in 1990 to 7.3 years in 2016 for females and 58.3 to 66.9 years for males. With the rise in the life expectancy communicable diseases are impacting less, but at the same … Read more

5 Reasons To Buy Health Insurance Before Your Age Turns 30

buy health insurance

While you are turning 30, you have a complete family to look after or may even plan to introduce another member in your family. This not just brings you happiness, but also great responsibilities. Hence, it is very important for you to stay healthy, if you’ll be healthy, you’ll be able to care for and … Read more

Why you should not invest in Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP)?


Still investing in ULIP for a tax benefit? In the union budget 2018 there is a levy of 10% long-term capital gain tax on earnings from equity. Insurance companies are taking full advantage of this new tax rule and pitching ULIPS to people for tax saving. But check this points before you actually take the … Read more

LIC Tech Term (table 854) – Should You Opt it?

LIC Tech Term (Table 854) – LIC Online Term Plan

LIC Tech Term (Table 854) is the new term insurance policy which is finally launched. It is going to be a non-linked pure life insurance policy. Looking at the various features and benefits of LIC tech term, this one looks promising and best in the market so far. The icing on the cake, the policy … Read more

LIC Bachat Plus Plan 861 – Don’t Invest

LIC Bachat Plus Plan 861

LIC Bachat Plus Plan 861 is the newly launched plan by LIC. It is a dual plan of insurance protection and saving. It is a non-linked, participating, individual & life assurance savings plan. It provides financial support to the family of the deceased any time before the maturity of the surviving policyholder. The policyholder can … Read more

Best Life Insurance Company in India

Best life insurance company

What comes in your mind when we talk about life insurance policy in India? Most of us would think about Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) as it is one of the oldest and most trusted life insurance policy provider in India. In this article, we will discuss Best life insurance company in India. This analysis is … Read more

Saral Suraksha Bima – All You Need to Know

saral suraksha bima

There is a lot of personal accident insurance policy available in the market. All these products have one or another unique benefits and features. It becomes very difficult for the individual to choose the right product out of the heap of schemes. So with the objective of having a standard product with common and basic … Read more

How to take informed decision on life insurance policy?

life insurance

As you start earning, you will get your first salary. You must be thinking what is to be done with the first salary. Here your financial planning start. Congratulation! On your first step towards your financial journey. People generally save the money from their first salary, as they are not much aware of what to … Read more

Pregnancy Insurance | Best Insurance Plan For Your Parenthood

pregnancy insurance

Parenthood is a very important stage for a couple after they get married. The man becomes more responsible towards his family and on the other hand, a woman tries to adjust to the new environment and people. A lot many changes takes place for the couple but becoming a mother is truly a magical journey. … Read more

Home Loan Insurance vs Term Insurance

Home Loan Insurance vs Term Insurance

Today I will discuss the Home loan insurance. What it is and whether you should opt for it or not? Whenever you are going to buy a property, the bank will ask you to opt for home loan insurance to safeguard their debt. Many of the banks are selling home loan insurance telling that it … Read more