Yahoo Finance Vs Google Finance

Yahoo Finance Vs Google Finance

Yahoo and Google both are big tech giants so are their competitors. Google is far ahead of Yahoo with its ecosystem which provides various services like mail, news, business services, etc. But when it comes to finance and money, the scene is reversed. Today, we will discuss Yahoo Finance vs Google Finance and which one … Read more

How to do Fundamental Analysis of a company?


Without doing a proper research of the stock its not advisable to take a call on the stock for investing your hard earn money. There are two types of the analysis available out there. 1) Fundamental analysis 2) Technical analysis. We will cover both the analysis one by one. For this article, I will cover … Read more

Top 05 Stocks for 10 Years

top 05 stocks

Today in this article, we will discuss the Top 05 Stocks for 10 Years. Buy and hold these stocks for the next 10 years i.e. till 2031 and you will surely create wealth for yourself. So without wasting any time let’s go and check these top stocks for the next 10 years. Top 05 Stocks … Read more

Quick Ratio Formula

Quick Ratio Formula

In this article, we will delve deeper into the quick ratio formula in India and its importance in evaluating a company’s financial health. India is a rapidly growing economy that attracts both domestic and foreign investors. To evaluate the financial health of a company, investors and creditors rely on financial ratios, and one of the … Read more

How to Check ESG Score of a Company?

good ESG Score

ESG score of the company represents the sustainability of the business in terms of environment, social, and governance. The higher the ESG score better the sustainability of the company. In this article, I will tell you how to check ESG score for the company and what the score represents for the company? I have already … Read more

Why 99% of option buyers are losing money?

option buyers are losing money

Option buying is a type of options trading strategy where an investor purchases an options contract that gives them the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specified price (known as the strike price) on or before a specific expiration date. In this article we will discuss why … Read more

Biggest Myths About Stock Market In India

Biggest Myths About Stock Market

The stock market in India is a dynamic and ever-evolving financial landscape that offers opportunities for investors to grow their wealth. However, there are several myths and misconceptions surrounding the stock market that often discourage potential investors from participating. In this article, we will debunk some of the biggest myths about the stock market in … Read more

How to Open a Free Demat Account With Upstox


What if I told you about the discount brokerage firms letting you trade on their platform for Rs. 20? how is it possible? I must be kidding, right? No. I am not kidding. It is a new age trading platforms that we can have at a flat rate of as low as Rs. 20. How … Read more

Top Electric Vehicle Stocks in India

Electric Vehicle Stocks

The entire world is shifting towards electric vehicles to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels. India is no exception in the race. The electric vehicle is going to be the biggest revolution in the 21st century. Today in this article, I will discuss Electric Vehicle Stocks in India. Also, I will discuss how to invest … Read more

Stock Market vs Cryptocurrency

traders vs investors

In the recent past, there is a new investment option available i.e. cryptocurrency. They are very exciting as they can jump up to 100000% in very short span of a day. While on the other hand, they are equally risky as they can go to zero in minutes. Every investor is contemplating the gain/loss between … Read more

Potential Multibagger Stocks [How to find it]

Multibagger Stocks 2021-22

Potential Multibagger Stocks for 2021-22 and how to find it before it’s too late. In the last year, the stock market has been a roller coaster ride. Due to the Covid-19, the BSE Sensex had plunged to 25k level in the month of March 2020. But only within 6 months, the marker had shown a … Read more

Best FMCG Stocks in India

Our life depends on FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). We use FMCG products on a daily basis. These products have a short shelf-life and satisfy our basic needs. These products are usually produced in a bulk for rapid consumption. Today in this article, we will discuss top FMCG stocks in India. In India, there are … Read more