Should I Invest In SIP When Market Is High?

investing in SIP

Investing in the stock market can be an excellent way to grow your wealth over the long term. However, the timing of investments is a crucial aspect that many investors ponder. One common investment approach is through Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs). SIPs allow investors to regularly invest a fixed amount in mutual funds. But should … Read more

Best Gold ETF in India

gold etf in india

Gold ETF in India has got traction in the recent past in the Indian stock market. These are the funds traded same like individual stocks. In this type of investment, the investor will not get any physical gold in the vault. As the same is credited in the form of units/shares in the demat account. … Read more

ICICI Bank FD Xtra – All You Need to Know

icici bank fd xtra

In the first week of February, ICICI Bank has launched India’s first and innovative fixed deposits called FD Xtra. Under this plan, there are various schemes which offer insurance plan, investment in mutual funds. This is one of its kind innovative product that is specially designed keeping the needs of the Indians. Let’s deep dive … Read more

What Is the Best Investment Plan to Get 15-20% Returns?

Investment Plan to Get 15-20% Returns

Investing your hard-earned money is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration. Everyone desires to make their investments grow and earn substantial returns. While there are no guarantees in the world of investments, there are certain strategies and plans that have the potential to provide attractive returns. In this article, we will explore various investment … Read more

Return On Investment [ROI] Simplified

return on investment

Whenever you are thinking of doing any business or want to invest money you must calculate the ROI (Return on Investment). Calculating ROI is not that tough task. In this article, I will discuss what is ROI and how to calculate it. I will also tell you the things you should keep in mind while … Read more

Make Money While You Sleep: 12 Investment Plans for Monthly Income

investment plans for monthly income

Investing wisely is a great way to generate passive income and achieve financial freedom. By putting your money to work for you, you can make money while you sleep. In this article, we will explore ten investment plans for monthly income that can provide you with a steady monthly income. So sit back, relax, and … Read more

Wealth Creation Ideas in India

wealth creation ideas in india

Wealth creation has always been a topic of interest for people across the globe. India, being one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, has a plethora of opportunities for wealth creation. With the increasing GDP and the government’s focus on economic growth, India has become a hub of opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. In … Read more

How Do I Distribute My 10K SIP Investment?

distribute a 10k sip

Investing in mutual funds through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an effective way to build wealth and achieve financial goals over the long term. However, once you have accumulated a substantial amount in your SIP, it becomes crucial to strategize how to distribute those funds. In this article, we will explore various approaches to … Read more

Paper Trading vs Real Trading: Key Differences

traders vs investors

In the world of financial markets, trading has become increasingly popular as a means to build wealth and achieve financial goals. Aspiring traders often encounter the terms “paper trading” and “real trading,” but what do they actually mean? This article aims to shed light on the key differences between paper trading vs real trading, outlining … Read more

Fixed Deposit vs PPF Account: Which one to choose?

fixed deposit vs PPF

Fixed Deposit vs PPF Account: Which one to choose? Fixed Deposits (FDs) and Public Provident Fund (PPF) are both popular investment options in India. While FDs offer guaranteed returns, PPF offers tax benefits and a high rate of interest. Choosing between the two can be a difficult decision, especially for those who are new to … Read more

Asset vs Liability : How to Distinguish Between Asset and Liability?

Asset vs Liability

In the world of finance, understanding the concepts of assets and liabilities is essential. These two fundamental elements play a crucial role in evaluating an individual’s or a company’s financial health. They are vital indicators that can influence decisions related to investments, business operations, and overall financial planning. In this article, we will delve deep … Read more

Long Term vs Short Term Investment – Which One Is Better?

long term vs short term investment

Long term vs short term investment – both have their own pros and cons. If you want to build real wealth, then the long-term investment is the best option. As the risk will decrease over a period of time. While in short-term investment, there is a double-edged sword. In the stock market, there is no … Read more

Who Makes More Money: Traders vs Investors?

traders vs investors

The world of finance offers multiple avenues for individuals to grow their wealth. Two prominent methods of participating in the financial markets are trading and investing. While both aim to generate profits, they have distinct approaches and cater to different risk appetites. In this article, we will explore the differences between traders and investors, their … Read more

Should You Invest in Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)?

real estate investment trust

REIT is a new concept for investing. It is like a mutual fund house which gather money from the retail market and invest into real estate projects. In Real estate investment trust, you will be able to invest in the property with the less money. You will become an owner of the property upto the … Read more