Which is the best tax saving option? PPF NPS ELSS

Tax season is going on and you want to finalize your investments to save tax. Investment decisions are based on three important consideration viz. Return, risk, and liquidity. Saving taxes can also be included in the return. Out of three only first two qualify for tax deduction under Section 80C and 80 CCD of Income … Read more

Investment Options

Investment Options Why we save money? It’s mainly for two reasons. For rainy days – Emergency fund For creating wealth – By a way of investing. Saving money on its own can’t create wealth. We need to put our money on work. The job we assign to our money will decide our future wealth. It’s … Read more

Government Saving Schemes will not make you rich

saving key things to do

There are various government saving schemes available in India that individuals can invest in to save for their future financial needs. Some of the popular government saving schemes in India include: These are some of the popular government saving schemes available in India. It is important to understand the terms and conditions of each scheme … Read more