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Recently I met one of my friends and we have discussed the job and salary and other stuff. He said that he is not able to match the monthly expense with his salary. I asked him where did he spend all the money. His answer was, he didn’t know where the money goes. I told him to record all the expenses and income regularly so that you should at least know where you are spending your money. And then I suggest a good mobile app for tracking all his income and expenses. That triggered me to write this article for the benefit of all the people who don’t keep a track of their spending. So in this article, I will take you through the best money manager app in India.

I will compare the best 5 mobile money manager app available in India. These apps will help you to easily monitor your expenses and income and keep a close watch on the money spent each month.

It is imperative to keep a record of all your spendings in this age of growing expenses. Most of us say we don’t have time to record all the transactions we do. But I will call that a mere excuse as there are plenty of mobile apps available which can help you to record your financial transactions on the go.

Features of Money Manager App

Now when we think about managing all the expenses and income in the mobile app, what should we look for in the app? Here are the features that should have in a good money manager app.

  • Records any kind of Income and Expense
  • Set budget
  • Has income and expense category (that can be customised)
  • Analyse transactions and suggest actions
  • Schedule transactions
  • Repeat transactions on regular intervals
  • Password protected
  • Backup facility
  • Currency support
  • Split expenses
  • Payment reminders
  • Store notes/receipts/photos

Above is just a wish list, anything above these features are always welcome.

Best Money Manager App in India

Wallet by ★★★★★

Managing your personal finance is like taking care of your health. The wallet is the market-leading personal finance app to see all your finances in one place.

You can stay on top of your expenses automatically as you can sync your bank account directly with the Wallet app.

You can find where your money is spent and further to that you can deep dive into the weekly expense report to understand spending behavior. You can track your bills and manage debt on the go with the Wallet app.

Wallet Features

  • Track spending
  • Start with template & customise freely
  • Make the right spending choice
  • Set budget for spending on which you want control
  • Save responsibility and achieve goals
  • Stay in control of your credit
  • Due date reminder
  • Avoid overspending with predictive alerts
  • Add money accounts and credit cards
  • See all your finances in one place
  • Upload and sync transactions history

APP Download Link

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Money Manager Expense & Budget by Realbyte Inc. ★★★★★

Money Manager is one of the finest personal finance app. It makes managing personal finance easy as pie. Easily record your personal finance and business financial transactions, generate spending reports, review your daily, weekly, monthly financial data and manage your assets with money manager app.

Money Manager App Feature

  • Record income and expenses on the go
  • analyse spending by category
  • Shows spending in graphs
  • Credit and debit card management function
  • Auto expense entry
  • Password protected for security
  • Instant statistics of spending
  • Bookmark your most used record
  • Backup and restore available
  • Calendar visuals for your entries

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Monefy by Aimbity AS ★★★★

Monefy is intuitive expense tracking app. It is known for its speed of recording the expense. You just have to tap on the category and add the amount you have spent. And that’s it! your expense is recorded. All it takes is a few simple clicks.

Each time you buy a coffee, pay a bill, or make a daily purchase, you only need to add each expense you have — that’s it! Just add new records each time you make a purchase. It’s done in one click, so you don’t need to fill anything except the amount.

You can have a backup of your records so you don’t have to worry about your data. Tacking your bills, daily purchase and everything is just so easy.

Monefy App Features

  • Add new record quickly
  • See your spending distribution on easy to see chart
  • Take control of your recurring payments
  • Track in multi currencies
  • Access your spending easily with handy widgets
  • Manage custom or default category
  • Password protection
  • Use multiple accounts
  • Crunch numbers with built in calculators

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Which is the best Money Manager App?

Above 3 apps are best in terms of the features and usability. They are the top most downloaded apps on the google Play and App Store. User ratings of these apps are as below. Hope It will help you to take a decision on the best app for download and use it to manage your personal finances.

App NamePricePlay Store RatingApp Store RatingPlay Store Downloads
Money ManagerFREE*★★★★★★★★★☆10000000+
* In app purchase available

Tell me in the comment box that which app you have used and why? I personally using Wallet app since more than a year now. And I am very much satisfied with its features and user interface.

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