Which is the best Portfolio Manager App?

People who are the investing in stocks and funds need to stay up to the date of the information and market updates. Gone are the days when you have to call up your broker to check the price or update. With the innovation in technology, one can check the updates on the mobile phone at any time in any place. Mobile has really changed the way we interact and transact. These apps allow you to check the market updates and help you to manage your portfolio as well. We have list down best five portfolio manager app which helps you to manage your portfolio no matter if you are a novice.

Portfolio Tracker App

Money Control Markets

This app helps you to track the stocks you love and also provides you the latest market updates for stocks, mutual funds, bonds, commodity. It’s very easy to create and manage a portfolio with no technical knowledge needed. Daily gain/loss will also help you to track your portfolio better.

NSE Mobile

NSE mobile is a trading app which allows you to transact in real time. Buy/sell stocks create a watch list and keep track of the stocks you care about. This is not a portfolio manager but it’s a trading. login information is shared by your registered trading member. There are many trading members who do not have their own app for trading. For them, this app is a good option.

ET Markets

ET markets help you to track all updates related to market, commodity, mutual fund, money market. Follow stock quotes real time, get tips on intraday trading, stock futures, commodities, forex market, ETFs on the go. Get customized news and data analysis. A one-stop destination for mutual fund news, NAVs, portfolio updates, fund analysis, SIP calculator. Simply swipe to build, manage and access your portfolio; get customized news, analysis and data on the Indian stock market. You can check the offline reading facility to sync stories when you are online and access them from anywhere at leisure. Get real-time price quotes for your favorite asset class, be it equity, debt, mutual funds, NSC, ETFs, gold, NSE or BSE.

IIFL Markets

Like all other apps, IIFL provides real-time market updates. Options for Equity, Index, and Currency; comprehensive details of Futures and options. Full-fledged financial market access which includes NSE, Nifty, Sensex, BSE 100, Bank Nifty, BSE MIDCAP, along with Commodity and Currency Markets. Set price alerts for F & O and you will get real-time alerts. Multiple watch list. For this app, you need to be a client of IIFL.

Yahoo Finance

Add stocks to watch lists to get real-time stock quotes and personalized news. It allows you to track stocks, currencies, bonds, commodities, equities, world indices, futures, and more. Create and manage the real-time portfolio.  Find all the financial information you need with sleek, intuitive navigation.

There are several other stock market and finance-related apps in app stores for different platforms. Financial institutes are now offering their own mobile apps to their clients. Through that, they can manage their investment. If your broker is providing this facility then I would suggest going for that app only.

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