5 Reasons To Buy Health Insurance Before Your Age Turns 30

While you are turning 30, you have a complete family to look after or may even plan to introduce another member in your family. This not just brings you happiness, but also great responsibilities. Hence, it is very important for you to stay healthy, if you’ll be healthy, you’ll be able to care for and nurture your family in the right manner. That the reason you must buy health insurance before you turn 30.

Although there are several ways to stay healthy, yet one of the most effective ways in today’s hectic life is purchasing a health insurance policy. If your health is insured, you can be ascertained that your financial needs are covered at times of medical emergencies.

why you must buy health insurance cover before turning 30.

Lower Premium

If you purchase the insurance policy before 30, the insurance premium you pay is much lower than what you pay after 30. for example, at the age of 25, you can purchase a plan at just Rs. 5000 offering you a coverage of Rs. 5 lakh. If you purchase the same plan at the age of 35, it would cost you around Rs 6000. Apart from this, you can also avail tax exemption benefits on the premium.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

If you are someone, who needs to travel extensively for work, health insurance is a must. The policy offers world’s best healthcare facilities (for critical diseases) and also covers medical evacuation (the situation where your medical condition gets so adverse that you need to be evacuated to the nearest hospital).

Claim Full Benefits

Purchasing insurance policy at a younger age also lets you claim full benefits at a later date. When you purchase the policy after 30, you have to serve to wait periods for pre-existing illness coverage, surgeries, etc. However, if you buy before 30, you might not need to claim the policy immediately (as you might be healthy), which would mean that the waiting periods are served. At a later stage, when you need to claim the policy, you can enjoy full benefits.

More Than Hospitalization

Not many people know that a health plan covers you in every possible way; more than just hospitalization. It also includes covering vector-borne diseases, OPD and daycare procedures. Different health plans have different benefits, for example, some policies may offer you maternity benefits. So, the policy will also offer insurance coverage to your newborn child without having to pay any additional premium.

Sedentary Lifestyle 

Health insurance is not just for elders, but for people of all ages. Also, you must not wait for something to happen to you. You should buy it instantly as the modern sedentary lifestyle of today has increased the chances of cancer, heart disease and stroke in younger people as well. Hence, it is important to insured your health.

So, just analyze your family’s healthcare needs, check benefits offered, consider individual plans and purchase the right insurance policy today.

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