Aadhaar has become one of the most important document as identity and address proof. Many times it happened that we have moved to a new house and we require to provide valid address proof. Here we badly get stuck as we don’t have any address proof of new resident. You must be thinking how to change Aadhaar address online without address proof? Yes! You can change Aadhaar address online without new address proof.

There are two ways you can change your address online in Aadhaar card. In this article, we will discuss the ways of updating the address in Aadhaar card online.

How to change Aadhaar address online without address proof?

You can update your current address in Aadhaar card even if you don’t have any documentary proof. For that, you need the consent and authentication of the address verifier.

Who Can be Address Verifier?

A verifier is a person who is willing to let you use their address as proof. The person could be your family member, relative, neighbor, friends or a landlord. It could any person who is ready to allow his address to be updated in your Aadhaar card.

Prerequisite for change Aadhaar address online without address proof

  • Both the parties, You and Address Verifier have their mobile numbers registered in their respective Aadhaar card.
  • You are required to get authenticated via OTP
  • Address Verifier is also required to get authenticated via OTP
  • Address Verifier is willing to give his/her consent for allowing his/her address to be updated in your Aadhaar
  • Verifier can give address change consent to a maximum of 1 time per month

Once you are sure on the above requirements, go to the UIDAI Website and follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  • Click on the “My Aadhaar” tab
  • Under the “Update Your Aadhaar”, click on the “Request for Address verification Letter”
  • You are required to Log-in by providing your Aadhaar number
  • Fill in the CAPTCHA verification code
  • The OTP will be sent on your registered mobile number, enter that OTP
How to change Aadhaar address online without address proof?
  • On the next page, you need to enter the Aadhaar number of the Verifier.
  • Click on the “Send Request”
  • Verifier will receive SMS on the registered mobile number with a link to verify the request
  • On clicking the link, the verifier will receive another SMS with OTP number
  • Verifier will be required to enter that OTP number and CAPTCHA to verify the request and give his/her consent for address change
verifier aadhaar number
  • Once a Verifier gives his/her consent for an address change, you will receive an SMS with the Service Request Number (SRN) on your registered mobile number
  • You are required to log in again to check the status of your request
  • Confirm the address entered in the service request
  • Click on the “Submit”
  • You will receive an SMS with Secret Code on your registered mobile number
  • Enter that Secret code in the service request (only 3 attempts are allowed)
  • Review your address and submit
  • You will get a 14 digit URN code on the screen. Note down this URN number for future reference.

That’s it, your Address in your Aadhaar Card will be changed to the new address.

The other method of changing the Aadhaar Address is more or less similar to this. The only difference is the verifier will receive the secret code via post to the address you wish to update in your Aadhaar card.

The new method has cut down on the time and hassle of getting the secret code via post. The secret code will now be sent on the registered mobile number of the verifier which needs to be updated in the service request.

Who should use this facility for Aadhaar address change without address proof?

If you fall under any of the below scenarios, you should use this facility to update your Aadhaar address online without address proof.

  • You have recently changed your permanent address (shifted to new house)
  • You are living on rent, and has changed to a new address
  • You got recently married, you can update your Aadhaar address with consent from your husband
  • You got transfer to a new city and you can update your address in Aadhaar with consent from your landlord

List of documents for changing Aadhaar Address Online

Below is the list of valid documents which you can use to change your address in Aadhaar card. If you don’t have any of the below document in your name, you should use the above method to change Aadhaar address online without document.

  1. Driving License with current address (new address)
  2. Voter ID (with new address)
  3. Electricity bill (with new address)
  4. Telephone landline bill (with new address)
  5. Ration card (with new address)
  6. Bank account statement/passbook
  7. Municipal corporation tax bill (with new address) –
  8. Credit card statement
  9. Life insurance policy
  10. Signed letter with photo issued on bank letterhead
  11. NREGS job card
  12. Arms license
  13. Pensioner card
  14. Certificate of address issued by MP
  15. Signed letter with photo by Gazetted Officer
  16. Income tax assessment order
  17. Vehicle registration certificate
  18. Kisaan Passbook
  19. Caste and Domicile certificate issued by State Government
  20. Disability ID card/letter issued by the State Government
  21. Gas connection bill
  22. Passport of spouse containing relationship to head of the family
  23. Allotment letter for accommodation issued by Government (not more than 3 years old)
  24. Marriage certificate issued by Government containing the address

FAQs for Changing address in Aadhaar Card without any documents

Question: Who is an Address Verifier?

Answer: The address verifier is the person who is ready to let his address to be updated in your Aadhaar card. This person could be your family member, relative, neighbor, landlord or any other person.

Question: Can I become an address verifier if I myself has updated my address with validation letter?

Answer: No, you cannot become address verifier if you have your address updated with a validation letter. This is because you, yourself don’t own that address but you have borrowed that address from any other person,

Question: Can I update my address if my verifier doesn’t have his mobile number updated in his Aadhaar card?

Answer: No, you cannot update your address through this process. An address verifier needs to have his mobile number updated in his Aadhaar number. This is because he will get OTP on his registered mobile number only.

Question: I have completed the process and received the URN number, does this mean that my address is updated instantly?

Answer: URN is just the confirmation on the request submission. Your request will go under the verification process and if found OK, your details will be updated. You will be notified via SMS on successful updation of address.

Question: Can I use the secret code again if my request is rejected due to some error?

Answer: No, You cannot use the same secret code again if your request is rejected. You need to apply afresh and you will get a new secret code against the new request.

Question: How many requests a verifier can approve? is there any capping the verifier?

Answer: A verifier can approve address change request once per month.

Question: I have submitted the secret code and got the URN what is next?

Answer: Note down the URN number. You will also get the URN number via SMS on your registered mobile number. You can check the status of your address change request with URN and Aadhaar number. You can check the status here.


Aadhaar Card has become a very important document in India. Most of the things like getting a new mobile connection, applying for a bank account, getting various government subsidy can be done easily if you have an Aadhaar card. It is accepted across the nation and hence its usability is wide.

Changing the address in Aadhaar was difficult as you need an address proof of that new address. Now if you are just moving to the new place, obviously you will not be having any address proof of that new address. In such a scenario, change Aadhar address online without address proof is the blessing.

UIDAI has understood this problem and has come up with a unique solution. Any person who knows you can become your guarantor and can lend his/her address to you.

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