DMIT Test Business Model – 70% to 80% Profit Margin

Every parent is worried about their child’s future. They want their child to be the best in everything and must stand out of the crowd. For this, they are doing some research about the potential of their child and trying to identify their talents. You might have heard about the DMIT test. If not this is the place where you will get all the details about the DMIT Test business Model.

People are skeptical about the fingerprint teat which is done through some software. But DMIT test is not just a fingerprint test, it reveals the personality of your child and his/her interests.

God of the child is the parent. So it is more important for the parents to understand what is the child’s interest and ability.

What is the DMIT Test?

DMIT test is based on the Dermatoglyphics method. It is a science which studies the connection between fingerprints and multiple intelligence in humans. Prof. Lin Ruel is the patent holder for DMIT.

In India, the concept is new but in the country like Korea and China, they are implementing dermatoglyphics in the field of education and sports.

DMIT test can be determined easily if the test is designed and performed in the right way. The key is to find a reliable company who can provide accurate dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence analysis.

You will be surprised to know the results of your child’s DMIT test as it will reveal many life-changing answers.

DMIT test can be instrumental in finding out what is the interest field of the child? How the brain of the child functions in a particular field? i.e. science, arts, dance or sports. Will your child respond more to light or sound?

Through the DMIT test, you will get to know the strength, weakness, acquiring style and learning style, core quotients like IQ, EQ, and AQ, behavior pattern of the child and inborn talent.

Benefits of DMIT Test

Through the DMIT test, parents will understand the natural characteristics of the child. Identify his/her talent and weakness. So that they can tailormade the child’s learning at an early age.

Three things are most important for any child’s career.

  • Academics
  • Interest
  • Aptitude

This will help parents to get to know the interest of their child and thus helpful in career counseling for their child.

I will divide the benefits of DMIT test in two age group.

For Children (Age group: 3 years to 10 years)

  • Help to understand the child’s natural character traits
  • Know his/her inherit abilities
  • Tailor-made your child’s learning programs
  • Help in improving the relationship between parents and children
  • Determine the appropriate teaching style
  • Adopt activities based on their ability and multiple intelligence

For Students (Age group: 11 years to 17 years)

  • Comparison between left and right brain
  • Know your intrinsic potential
  • Know Multiple Intelligence Distribution of your child
  • Personal Quotients – IQ, EQ, AQ
  • Determine the preffered learning style
  • Learning communication character
  • Customize your extracurricular activities based on the MI
  • Career guidance based on your Multiple Intelligence
DMIT Analysis and Brain Lobes
DMIT Analysis and Brain Lobes

If you are a parent and want to do this test for your child, one thing you must know is that the test is just a diagnosis. The main part is counseling based on the report. So you must try to find out the test center where the counseling part is taken care of properly.

DMIT Test Business Model or DMIT Franchise Model

Before we move ahead, we should learn why one should go into the education industry. The education industry is the fastest growing industry after the health care industry in India.

Parents are willing to pay lakhs of rupees on their child’s education so that the child can stand out. Secondly, every parent is worried about “What their child will do” in the future. It is a fundamental question for every parent.

It takes years to find the right career for any person. Even many times we will not be able to find the correct career throughout life. So if someone can answer this fundamental question scientifically, it is a blessing for the parent.

The capital required to start this business is almost zero except for the franchisee cost. It also doesn’t require a huge infrastructure cost. You will only need a laptop, counselor and a fingerprint scanner.

The cost of the DMIT report to the parent/individual is around 3000 to 5000 in Tier – 2 cities. In metros, the cost would be around 6000 to 8000.

So let’s understand the business model with the help of an example.

Let say the average cost of the DMIT test is Rs. 5000 for X city. If you are able to generate around 50 test a month, the total revenue will be Rs. 2.5 lakhs. out of that, the expenses you have incurred is let say around 50 thousand. Then you will have to pay the franchisee commission i.e. around 50 thousand. So the net income you can earn is around 1.5 Lakhs.

Why Should you do DMIT Test at an early age?

Here is why you should get the DMIT Test at an early age?

  • From 3 to 10 years, the child undergoes the basic education
  • 80% of the child’s brain development is done within 10 years
  • Every child is unique, so don’t compare your child’s ability with anybody. – Better you understand this at the early stage
  • Early age is the best time to improve the child’s memory power
  • Don’t put unnecessary pressure on the child, this is his/her development stage
  • Don’t put extra stress only on the science and maths, early age is the foundation stage, not a career stage
  • Give importance to creativity and unique activities. This will help the child to improve memory and grasping power.
  • Know the learning capability of your child, so that you don’t put extra pressure on your child

Is a DMIT Test Business Model Genuine?

The accuracy of the DMIT test is around 90% to 95%. This is the complete brain analysis test which is unique and adaptive. Early age of the child is the ideal for education and career development. DMIT test put emphasis on the creativity and analytically thinking from the left and right side of the brain. DMIT test provides a scientifically proven assessment that will take into account of every child unique potential.

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What if you can know the future? what if you know your strength and weakness? DMIT test is the one such thing that will help you to understand the traits of your child so that you can decide upon their career.

Many of us are believing in astrology and are ready to spend thousands of rupees to know what our future holds. So knowing the same thing scientifically is better than just guessing it.

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