Doorstep Banking – All You Need to Know

Doorstep banking is the banking facility provided by the PSU banks in India. There are 12 PSU banks that are providing doorstep banking to their customers. Many people are now preferring doorstep banking due to the recent Covid 19 Pandemic and for maintaining social distancing at public places like banks.

RBI has issued a circular to all the PSU banks for providing doorstep banking services to senior citizens in India.

In this article, we will go through all the features, benefits, and processes of how to avail doorstep banking facility.

What is Doorstep Banking?

Doorstep banking is the initiative taken by 12 PSU banks to provide customer-focused important banking services to their doorstep. There are 100 major centers across the nation offering different financial as well as non-financial services.

List of the Public Sector Banks Offering Doorstep Banking

  • Bank of Baroda
  • Bank of India
  • Bank of Maharashtra
  • Canara Bank
  • Central Bank of India
  • Indian Bank
  • Indian Overseas Bank
  • Punjab National Bank
  • Punjab & Sind Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • Uco Bank
  • Union Bank

Services Offered by DoorStep Banking

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Pick up of cheque/DD/pay order
  • Pick up for new cheque book request slip
  • Pick up of 15G/15H forms
  • Pick up of IT/GST Challan
  • Pick up of Standing instruction form request
  • Delivery of account statement
  • Delivery of non-personalized checkbook/DD/Pay order
  • Delivery of term deposit receipts
  • Delivery of TDS/form 16 certificate issuance
  • Delivery of pre-paid instrument/gift card

SBI Doorstep Banking Services

Now let’s have a look at the SBI doorstep banking services and their charges.

Services Offered by SBI Doorstep Banking

  • Cash pickup.
  • Cash delivery.
  • Cheque pickup
  • Cheque requisition Slip pickup.
  • Form 15H pickup.
  • Delivery of Drafts.
  • Delivery of Term Deposit AdviceDelivery of Term Deposit Advice.
  • Life Certificate Pickup.
  • KYC documents pickup.

Salient Features of SBI Doorstep Banking

  • Registration is done at the Home Branch.
  • Requests for Doorstep Banking Services should be made only at the Home Branch till such time development at Contact Centre is completed.
  • The amount of cash withdrawal and cash deposit is restricted to Rs 20,000/-per transaction per day.
  • Service charges per visit for Non-financial transactions are Rs 60/+GST and Rs100+GST for financial transactions.
  • Withdrawal will be permitted using cheque/withdrawal form with Passbook.
  • The delivery would be completed on a best effort basis but not later than T+1 working day (holidays excluded).
  • For details please contact your Home Branch.

SBI Guideline for doorstep banking

i. Cash Pick up and Cash Delivery from own account
ii. Cheque/Instrument Pickup for Collection /Clearing for own account
iii. Cheque Book Requisition slip pickup
iv. Statement of Account/ Term Deposit Advice


The service request can be made at Toll-Free Number 1800 1111 03 between
9 am to 4 pm on working days at the center.
ii. The services request can also be made through Doorstep Banking Tab in
YONO App/ INB Channel (under development).
iii. These services will be available to customers having a Registered address
within a radius of 5 Km from the Home Branch.
iv. The DSB Service is available in the Savings Bank/ Current Account of the resident individual customer only.

The services are not available to-

a) Minor including under Guardianship
b) Customers having opened Savings Bank Account under Motor
Accident Claim Product/Scheme.
c) Joint Account operated Jointly.
d) Account operated through Power of Attorney.
e) Non-Individual Customer

SBI Doorstep Banking Charges

TypeService OfferedCharges
Financial ServicesCash Deposit₹. 75/- + GST
Financial ServicesCash Withdrawal₹. 75/- + GST
Non-Financial ServicesCheque Pickup₹. 75/- + GST
Non-Financial ServicesCheque book request slip₹. 75/- + GST
Non-Financial ServicesTerm deposit receipt/ Bank statement (saving account)Free
Non-Financial ServicesStatement of Account (Current account)₹. 100/- + GST

Charges for doorstep banking will be debited to the customer’s bank account. The customer should never pay any charges upfront to the doorstep agent.

SBI doorstep banking eligibility

  • Senior citizens of more than 70 years of age or any differently-abled person can avail doorstep banking facility.
  • Only fully KYC-compliant customers can avail of this facility.
  • Valid mobile number must be registered with the bank.
  • The customer’s address must be within 5 km of the bank branch.
  • Single account holder and joint account holder with “Either or Survivor/Former or Survivor” status.

Doorstep Banking – FAQs

Can I avail doorstep banking services at different address?

No. The doorstep banking service is only delivered to the registered address of the customer.

I have multiple account, can I avail doorstep banking for all those account?

Yes, you can. There are 12 PSU banks offering doorstep banking facilities. You can avail of this facility for all your bank account in these 12 banks. You must have your mobile number registered with your bank.

Can I deposit multiple cheque instrument for collection?

Yes, you can deposit multiple cheques for collection. you need to attach all the cheques in a single pay-in-slip.

How will I know my instrument is deposited?

Once the doorstep agent deposits the instrument in the bank, the same will be validated by the bank officers and you will get a confirmation SMS on the status of your transaction.

Is there any Cancellation charges?

Cancellation charges are not applicable if cancellation is done under the following 2 circumstances:
In the case of the Post service, order cancellation is done before the agent picks up the document from the customer.
In the case of Preservice, order cancellation is done before the bank user completes the request.
In all other circumstances on cancellation, No Refund shall be done.

How can I identify a genuine DSB Agent at the time of service delivery?

Credentials of Agent along with Photo shall appear in the Mobile App/ Web Portal of Customer. The customer will get an SMS having the name of the Agent. Customers can demand an ID Card showing Agent’s name and photo. Additionally, a one-time Auth Code for each service will be sent to the customer which he needs to tell Agent for initiating the service. Agents shall follow uniform Dress code bearing DSB and Service Provider LOGO; for their easy identification.

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