FasTag Mandatory – How to Apply?

Be willing to give double money to Tollanaka from December 1, a system that will empty the pocket. To avoid paying double money at the toll booth, you need to get the new digital toll collection system called FasTag. From 1st December 2019, all the national highway will collect the tax through the Fastag collection system. It will be easier for people to pay toll tax without even stopping at the toll booth. Fastag mandatory from 1st December 2019 or else be ready to pay double toll tax.

This news is especially for you if you’re on the highway. Since December 1, the Fastag system is set to launch at the Highway Toll Plaza. Once this system is operational, there will be no cash payment at the toll plaza, only electronic payment. And if you want to make cash payments you will be charged double the toll. The Highway Authority has instructed the toll plaza to raise awareness for the system. So in the toll, you are given, the following line also mentions Fastag. That is, if you now have to pass through the toll plaza, you must get the Fastag system.

A public circular from the Road Ministry said that from December 1, all highway toll plazas will be converted to the Fastag system. This means that there will be no cash payment after the system is implemented. And you have to fast-start this system. You can get this fastag from any bank or online. Whose every process is quite simple.

How will FASTag work?

Fastag is an electronic toll connection device, which is installed in your vehicle. And this device helps you to get out of bed without stopping at the toll plaza. This relieves standing on long lines at the toll plaza. The government plans to promote digital payment at Toll Plaza.


Fastag mounted on a car or vehicle’s windscreen. And it uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. And with this frequency of current vehicle, your toll is automatically filled. The toll amount is deducted from your bank account linked to Fastag.

According to the current provision, if you take your vehicle in Fastag Lane you will have to pay double the toll. And according to the Highway Authority, the system will be strictly followed.

Fastag Mandatory – How to Buy Fastag?

If you want to buy Fastag, you can also buy online from your bank. Almost all the private and government banks have given online option to buy Fastag on their website. You will also need to upload a photo of your RC book and driving license in order to get online fastag. After uploading the document and the details you will get a fastag within your home within 2 days. Which you can slip on the glass of your car, and get out without standing at the toll plaza. There is no charge for delivery from the banks.

Fastag can also be obtained from Paytm

You can also buy Fastag from Paytm. It is also managed by Paytm. You have to upload the document along with the details on Paytm. It will also reach your home fast within 2 days.

Bank staff will also provide Fastag over Toll Plaza

Bank employees at each toll plaza on National Highway will provide Fastag facility during bank hours. Giving the RC Book and License to the Bank Worker will generate your Fastag account. But the bank staff will not be present at the toll plaza on the bank holiday.

Will be informed via SMS

Whenever you pass a toll plaza by a fastagged vehicle, a message will appear on your registered mobile number as soon as the toll amount is paid from the fastag account. Which will show you how much money has been deducted from your account.

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    What are FASTags?
    FASTags are prepaid rechargeable tags for toll collection that allow automatic payment deduction from the FASTag, they are normally affixed on the windscreen of your vehicle. With the help of a FASTag, you will not have to stop your vehicle at toll plazas to pay the toll. Read more…


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