Financial literacy for girls

Financial literacy is the subject we never taught in the school. We learn it by our own real life experience. The society is structured in a way that financial literacy for girls is very much needed. Girls are deemed to be dependent on boy/male. Father or husband in the girls life will take care about the finances hence the girls are not taught the important financial lessons.

But the wave is not changing. Girls are now topping the academics and getting good marks and degrees in almost any field. They are becoming self reliant when it comes to money matter. Few houses where the girl member of the family runs the house. Girls have big dreams when you talk to them about their future goals.

It is imperative that girls are also being taught the money management. In fact it is known that the girls can manage the finance better than boys. They are best when it comes to money saving and planning.

Why financial literacy for girls is very important?

If you see any office, you will see female employees are as high as male employees. There are many examples of female who have achieved a top most position on the company. Indra Nooyi was the MD of the PepsiCo. Kiran Bedi was the police inspector in Delhi, any many more. They are inspiring people and a live examples of what girls can achieve.

On the other hand, with the women empowerment more and more women are becoming independent in terms of managing their finance on their own. They don’t require a male person to teach them how to earn and pay the bills. They are capable enough to earn and live a life they want to live.

The financial literacy in women is far below as compared to men in the society. Usually, it is deemed that the girls will have to manage the kitchen and boy will go out and earn money for the family. While this is ok, but it doesn’t mean that the society don’t give a chance to girls to prove themselves.

If you see around, it is very uncommon if the girl talks about the stocks and mutual funds. Why do? Because they are never been given a chant to try their hands in financial matter. The society is made of both man and woman and it’s balance can only be maintained if both are given equal opportunity.

There are many cases of divorce in the society and that numbers are increasing. Now in such situation, if the girl doesn’t know how to earn and manage money, it will be very difficult for her to survive alone. Thus, the financial literacy becomes important part of your academics.

Unfortunately, this very important subject is never taught in the schools or colleges. There is no text book or course you will find on this very important subject. What we all learn is from our limited resources from the family and by the real life experience.

These real life experiences are not enough to give the complete knowledge about the financial terms. Like for example, the girl will learn about the bank account as she will have one by the time she becomes adult. But she will never be able to have a demat account unless she wanted to trade in the financial market. And neither every girl is excited to learn about stock market nor every girl is given that opportunity.

Hence. It becomes imperative for the girls to learn the financial lesions to stand at par with the boys in the society.

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