Free Intraday Tips – Should You Follow?

There are so many stock market experts who are giving stocks tips for free. You won’t believe that they have followers in lakhs who believe in them and may invest as per these so call “experts” directions. I get so many SMS offering free intraday tips on the stock market. They look so promising and tempting that many of the fools fall for it and invest their hard earn money.

Should You Invest based on these free intraday tips?

The short and sweet answer is No. Here is why. The people who are giving these tips are not qualified enough to actually give stock tips. any tom dick and harry can now give stock market tips on the internet. There is no qualification is required to give tips. There are tons of “Market Guru” who promise to make a fortune for you by following their stock market tips.

You should ask a simple question to yourself that if this guy really has so much knowledge and can really make money for me, why can’t he himself invest in his own tips and become an iconic investor like warren buffet or Rakesh Junjunwala.

Let’s check the different scenario of free intraday tips in India.

Scenario 1 – Fraudsters giving tips for small fees

Probably 80% of the people who give such stock market tips are not qualified enough to give tips. Here “qualified” is not a legal or professional sense but in the basic behavioral sense. Most of them think they are best and know better than the other person. They are well-meaning but less well-informed and less capable than they believe. They have lots of confidence but bugger all real insight.

This is what the fraudsters look like on the other side of the internet.

Free Intraday Tips

80% are fraudsters, who are not qualified thus but do not care. They have something to sell to people who are gullible. Mind it, there are a lot of people who are gullible and those people pay the price sooner or later. Greed and fear do motivate people to act in an opposite direction than their real characters.

Some people are thinking that it’s their social duty to share the knowledge as they think that they are better than the rest of the people on the earth. So they share the stock market tips with their family and friends.

On the other side, there is a lack of financial knowledge among the population and hence they are dependant on other people like these fraudsters for their investment advice. People tend to go for cheap/free items as they are easily and freely available. They don’t even know the opposite person who is giving free intraday tips on the internet.

You will find thousands of Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram groups that offer free intraday tips to innocent people who don’t have any knowledge about the stock market. These people become fools by following the tips of such fraudsters.

Stock market prediction is a 50% – 50% game. The probability of the tips to turn in your favor is 50% and against you is also 50%. So how some people claim that their tips are sure which can make you money? Sometimes, there is certainly market news for the particular stock by which the stock price is bound to go up for the next 3-4 sessions.

There is some news about breaking in the market for these companies and these fraudsters are taking an advantage of such news and ride on it to take the stock price momentum advantage. Such a price hike is for a temporary period and stock will come down in few days.

Now this is the time when most of the people invest in such stock by following the advise. Many of them are fortunate to exit after booking some profits, the others are stuck up for the rest of their life.

The fraudsters will make money by taking a subscription fee from you. Though the fees they take are small for you, imagine they are taking ₹ 1000/month from 2500 people in India. This is a whopping 2.5 lakhs Indian rupee. No average doctor, engineer, chartered account make this much money in a month.

So it is a business model for such fraudsters who will charge you a fee for stock tips and you will make money (if you are lucky) throughout the month.

Scenario 2 – Intelligent People gives free intraday tips

These are the species one level above the fraudsters. They are so-called market researchers and highly qualified people. I have seen most of the chartered accountants and engineers who are giving stock market tips in India. Chartered accountant thinks they have a prerogative to share the knowledge they possess and engineers thoughts that they can make any wheel running.

This set of people run their “business” on a different model. They start a Youtube channel and post stock market tips. They create a very well image of themself as wall street investors. They tell people that they know everything about the stock market and create case studies to make people believe in them.

The innocent people follow them blindly like “herd mentality“. They started trusting these so-called knowledgeable people and bet on the stocks these people told them to. They even don’t go and check the simple basic fundamentals of the company they are investing in.

How Should You Invest Then?

Investing in the stock market is not so complicated, but we people have made it so. The best strategy for investing in the stock market is to invest in a homoeopathically small amount into every combination of every possible holding for every possible investment and rebalance the same periodically. This way in the longer run, there is a guaranteed return on your investment. All the best! Stop following the free intraday tips available on the internet / social media.

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