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    All new HDFC MF Online Investors – Review

    HDFC fund house has revamped its traditional MF portal which is easy and smooth to use. The new portal will be known as HDFC MF Online Investors. The main feature of the new portal is the ease of login as you don’t have to remember your password anymore. Simple OTP will do to log into the portal. In this cutting-edge technology’s era, it is imperative to have innovative and easy to use product which helps customers.

    In order to simplify the investment process, HDFC MF has rebuilt the HDFC MFOnline Investors and taken it to the next generation platform. You can access the same at MF Online Investors-

    What do the new HDFC MF Online Investors have to offer?

    • Single view of all your investments under one account
    • No hassle of remembering passwords. Now a registered user can log in via OTP
    • Add multiple bank accounts online
    • Change your investment options for dividend schemes online.
    • Add up to 5 banks to your registered login and avail the facility to modify existing Bank details. Change payout mode from cheque to NEFT / direct credit
    • Subscribe for NAV and portfolio valuation.
    • Generate and download balance confirmation report.
    • Update your Supplementary KYC and FATCA.
    • Instant Registration and Folio creation on the Go.
    • Transaction online in any of HDFC MF schemes.
    • Real-time account statement available.

    HDFC MFOnline Investor

    I have logged in into the new portal for the first time and am glad to see it knows all my folio numbers and already mapped them onto my dashboard. Yes! it maps all your existing folio numbers linked with your PAN number if your tax status is “Individual”. The portal is accessible through all the major web browsers like google chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari. It is also mobile friendly. Features available on the desktop are also available if accessed from mobile or tablet.

    How to access the new HDFC MF Online Investors portal?

    HDFC MF has worked really hard to make it simple for the user to use the new portal. They have introduced a single user ID and password or OTP based login. If you are an existing MFOnline user, please check below table for login to access the new portal.
    Sr Login option in existing MFOnline Requirements under new MFOnline Investors
    1. Only HPIN Create a new user ID
    2. Only user ID/password Use existing user ID/password
    3. HPIN, as well as user ID, Use existing user ID/password
    4. Multiple user IDs Can use any of the existing user IDs. The one used for the first time will remain active and rest will be deactivated.


    If you are a new user, you can register on HDFC MF Online Investors by clicking “Not an Investor – Register Now” option.

    You have to provide your PAN and your email address to register. Make sure your PAN and email address are KYC compliant. If you are an existing investor but using the portal for the first time, click on “Don’t have a User ID” to get your self-register and start using HDFC MF Online Investors. Here also the email ID should be mapped with your folio.

    Points to remember

    • For the security of the investors, within 90 days a mandatory password change policy is applicable.
    • Currently, only Resident individuals can create new folio online with ‘Single’ mode of holding or for a minor.
    • The new system allows you to buy units in physical mode only. Folio’s in which you hold investments in Demat form will not be available for the transaction on HDFC MF Online.
    • All schemes of HDFC Mutual Fund except Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are available on HDFC MF Online.
    • As per SEBI mandate, credit cards cannot be used for transactions in mutual fund schemes.

    So if you are an HDFC MF investor, go and give it a try. It’s awesome and simple.

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    1. I am quitting this fund just because without bothering to customers convenience they have trusted this completely useless and worst web change.The earlier one was more convenient to transact.It takes years to transact through their so called new website.


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    Saturday, March 25, 2023

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