Hot stocks for this summer

Summer has begun with the temperature going up day by day. The heat wave has started across the country. With the changing season, we tend to change our food. In winter we wear heavy clothes but in summer we like light clothes like kurta. The same way we change our food from spicy food to salad and liquid food. Let’s check these hot stocks for the summer season.

On the other hand, sin scream lotion has replaced vasaline. People also use sunglass and umbrella to protect themselves from sunstroke.

In summer, as we change our food, clothes and lifestyle we also need to change our investment portfolio. Keeping season in mind we need to select the seasonal stocks for maximum returns. It will be a good idea to have a summer stock or HOT stock in your portfolio for higher returns this season.

So which stocks are you going to have in your portfolio this summer? Ok, now don’t expect any stock tips here from me. You don’t need any tips for picking seasonal stocks. Apply simple logical thinking to choose seasonal stocks. During summer we all feel sever heat. To save ourselves from the heat, we use a fan, air condition and air cooler. It is imperative that demand for these products will rise. High temperature, high demand for these appliances. So the stocks of these companies will also be hot. During the first financial quarter, the summer season is there.

Impact of the first quarter’s sale and profit will be seen in the second quarter. It is the right time to purchase these stocks in the first quarter so you don’t miss the profit of the first quarter.

Usually, air condition making companies are most benefited in summer as demand will be on a peak. Companies like Voltas, Blue star, Videocon, Whirlpool, Godrej, Symphony who are the market leaders in air condition and a company like Bajaj Electrical who is the market leader in making a fan will be on rising as seasonal demand will boost their sales.

Maximum heat will be in northern India. Hence 50% of air cooler market is in north India. Symphony is the market leader in an air cooler. The company will be benefited from the sale will be on the rise during summer. Keep an eye on the stock price movement of the symphony.

In India, we slugger from electricity shortage in the underdeveloped villages and some cities. To fight against the electricity shortage, people are purchasing generator and inverter. Along with air condition and air cooler, demand for generators and inverters will also increase during the summer. Companies like Kirloskar, Mahindra pavroles, Cumins India, Ashok Leyland, Isher etc. are on rising.

With the rising temperature, people buy ice cream and cold drinks to get rid of the severe heat. Companies like Vadilal, Quality ice cream and beverages companies like coca cola, Pepsi, Parle etc are on the rise. Fruit juice making company like Dabur will also see a huge jump in demand during the summer season.

During the summer, perspiration is high so to save ourselves from bad odour we use talcum powder, deodorant, sunscreen lotion. Keep an eye on such companies.

To summarise, during the summer season above-mentioned companies will be on the rise. sales of these companies will be increased hence profit will also rise which eventually reflect in the stock price of the company. So if you have above-mentioned companies in your portfolio, you will have a huge profit.

So let’s have a HOT portfolio in this summer.

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