The EPFO has introduced a facility in the UAN Portal wherein the employee can add EPF exit date from the previous or the last employer by oneself.

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There are multiple cases where the Provident fund withdrawal gets stuck due to the missing date of exit in the EPFO system. So here is the good news for all the salaried people. Employee’s Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has introduced a facility in the EPFO portal by which an employee can add the EPF exit date by himself.

Earlier the employer had the authority to enter/update the exit date of the employee. So there was a delay in provident fund transfer or withdrawal. In some cases, the employer does not update the exit date in their records or maybe not updating on time. And the firm gets shut down. If the exit date is missing then the employee will not be able to get his PF amount transferred to his bank account.

Hence, the facility of updating the EPF exit date on the EPF portal has been introduced. This facility is not extended to all EPF subscribers which were earlier available with only employers under the EPF portal.

Benefits of Adding EPF Exit Date on EPF Portal

The idea behind this new initiative by the EPFO is to reduce the dependency on the employer for entering the exit date. Thus making the process simpler and faster.

  • Reduce PF transfer or withdrawal time
  • Reduce fraud by the employer
  • Speedy process of provident fund withdrawal
  • No dependency on the employer for PF withdrawal or transfer

With this facility, the employee can add the exit date in the EPF portal by himself, reducing the dependency on the employer. If the employee is joining another company and wants to transfer his PF, he has to enter the exit date on the portal. Once the exit date is updated by him, the joining date can be added by the new employer on the portal. This makes it easier for the employee who wishes to transfer their PF to the new employer.

This new facility will help in reducing time delay for transfer, claim submission & claim settlements process. In this post, I will share step by step process to add EPF Exit Date on EPF portal online.

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How to add EPF Exit Date on EPF Portal Online?

Here is the step-by-step process for adding the EPF exit date on the EPF portal. The process is very easy and anyone can update the same within minutes.

  • Click on the link here: Unified Member Portal –
  • Log in to Unified portal with your UAN (Universal Account Number) and password.
  • Click on the “Manage” tab from the top menu
  • Click on “Mark Exit” option
  • You will see the EPF account number with the previous employer
  • Cross-check the EPF number with your payslip
  • Enter the exit date and reason for exit
  • Click on the “Request OTP”
  • You will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number
  • Enter the OTP and click on “Update” and submit the request

Once you update the exit date, you will get the confirmation SMS on your registered mobile number.

You can cross-verify that if the exit date is updated or not by visiting the “View” section and check “Service History” page on the portal.

Pre-requisite for Adding EPF Exit Date

  • You need to have UAN (Universal Account Number) and password
  • Your mobile number must be updated with the EPFO portal as you will receive OTP on the same
  • The exit date can be updated only after two months from leaving the job
  • Exit date can be any date of the month in which the last contribution was made
  • Your UAN number must be linked with Aadhaar
  • Exit date once updated and verified, cannot be changed


This is a good facility for the employee who wishes to transfer or withdraw their PF without being dependent on the employer. Let me know your experience of using this facility and share your views in the comment box.


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