What is Indusind Bank Duo Card?

IndusInd Bank has introduced the IndusInd Bank Duo Card on 10th October 2018. This is a new age plastic card which offers the best of both the debit and credit card world. It is India’s first 2 EMV chip card which has 2 EMV and 2 magnetic stripes one each for debit card and credit card.

This is an innovative product and a game changer for the Indian plastic currency market. You don’t need to carry two different cards all the time, one card plays a role of both debit and credit card. So you can have more space in your wallet. The uses the anagram techniques to enhance and highlight singularity of the duo card.

Features of IndusInd Bank Duo Card

  • 2 in 1 card, works as debit and credit card with just a flip
  • It has 2 EMV and 2 Magnetic stripes
  • Offers various deals and discounts
  • Single account statement for both debit and credit card
  • Combined reward points of both debit and credit card

The targeted audience for this card is the youngsters between 25-40 years of age. The card offers various deals and discounts on lifestyle, entertainment, online shopping etc. The main aim of the Duo card is to simplifying consumers interactions and experiences across major vendors. The youngsters nowadays don’t want to carry cash and cards. They find digital transactions more easy and convenient. For those people, this card is a blessing.

After so many years we have seen some innovation in the credit/debit card industry. The IndusInd Bank has close to 1 million credit card holders out of around 4.1 crores across India.

The bank is aggressively pushing the innovative product through its new campaign #KeepItSingle. The bank is hoping that just the way the young consumer flaunts his mobile phone, the new plastic would also add to the coolness quotient for the bank brand. Even while adding to the consumer base and new customers.

You can get the new Duo Card by visiting any IndusInd Bank’s branch or by applying online through this link. As of now, the card is available for selected cities in India. So it’s better to check your city before visiting the bank.

For more details check the terms and conditions.

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