IPO Performance 2017-18

Initial Public Offer (IPO) is the method by which company is collecting money from the public for the first time in the market to fund for various activities. The company issues shares to its investors against the money invested by them. read the detailed article on what is IPO?

As a layman or the first time investor, you should subscribe to the IPOs to take the advantage of the initial price hike at the time of launch.

Why should you invest in IPO?

For every company which is going public, there is a fair value of the right price at the time of deciding to go public. The company generally gives some discount on its fair value at the time of IPO. So this is the main benefit investor can get as he will get the product at the cheaper price. Generally, the company going public is the company which is new and upcoming in their respective sector, so you get a chance to be a partner of the company at the initial stage. Who knows which company will turn into multi-bagger in coming years.

Nowadays, for applying for IPO becomes super easy. You don’t even have to pay at the time of submitting your application. The money will only be deducted if you are being allocated the shares. For the retail investor, IPO becomes the entry point to enter into the stock market at a relatively lesser investment and risk.

IPO Performance for the year 2017-18

Below is the IPO performance for the financial year 2017-18. (as on 17/04/2018)

IPO NameListing DateIssue SizeListing OpenListing CloseListingCMPCurrent
(in crores)Gains(%)Gains (%)
Hindustan Aeron28/03/18422911591128.35-7.131,144.65-5.79
Bandhan Bank27/03/184473485477.227.25504.9534.65
Bharat Dynamics23/03/18960.94360390.7-8.71405.3-5.3
HG Infra Engg09/03/18457.7270270.050.02335.524.26
Aster DM Health26/02/18980.14182179.85-5.34166.65-12.29
Galaxy Surfacta08/02/18937.0915251698.114.741,406.60-4.96
Amber Enterpris30/01/1860011751237.2544.031,112.3529.49
Newgen Software29/01/18424.622562533.27236.8-3.35
Apollo Micro Sy22/01/18156478454.165.13250.35-8.96
Astron Paper &29/12/1770120.75119.7139.4124.65149.3
Future Supply18/12/17649.69674685.83.28678.42.17
HDFC Life17/11/178695.01313344.2518.71491.4569.47
Khadim India14/11/17493.06727688.5-8.2744.05-0.79
Mahindra Logist10/11/17829.36425429.150.03485.413.15
Reliance Nippon06/11/17154228928412.7259.22.86
General Insuran25/10/1711372870.4870.4-4.56732.75-19.65
Godrej Agrovet16/10/171157.31615595.5529.47695.751.24
Prataap Snacks05/10/17481.9412501178.325.621,404.8549.77
SBI Life Insura03/10/1784007357081.14720.252.89
ICICI Lombard27/09/175700.94651681.553.11756.714.48
Capacite Infra25/09/17400360342.436.96358.1543.26
Dixon Technolog18/09/17599.2827252892.863.813,449.9595.35
Bharat Road Net18/09/17600.65205208.151.54188-8.29
Apex Frozen04/09/17152.25202209.8519.91678.05287.46
Cochin Shipyard11/08/17145446152220.83518.920.12
Salasar Techno25/07/1735.87259.45272.1151.94339213.89
AU Small Financ10/07/171912.51544541.251.17650.281.62
GTPL Hathway04/07/17484.8170171.650.97162.8-4.24
Eris Life29/06/171741.1612601.05-0.32799.2532.55
Tejas Networks27/06/17326.69257.7263.32.45337.7531.42
IndiGrid InvIT06/06/17225099.798.45-1.5596.75-3.25
PSP Projects29/05/17211.68195208.95-0.5572.8172.76
S Chand and Co09/05/17325675.85675.850.87400.7-40.19
Shankara Buildi05/04/17232.96545632.837.571,805.20292.43

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