IRCTC IMudra Wallet – All you need to Know

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation has launched a prepaid card named IRCTC IMudra. It is a free e-wallet service offered by the IRCTC. It can be used via mobile app, tablet, and web browser.

You can use this card for buying anything online or offline through this digital or virtual card. It is a versatile wallet that can be used to book tickets, retail shopping, movie tickets, and dining.

Let’s check its features and benefits. Also, I will take you through the process of how to register yourself for this prepaid card via the mobile app.

How to Registered for IRCTC iMudra Wallet?

Here are the steps for registering for IRCTC iMudra Wallet.

  • Go to the IRCTC iMudra website.
  • Click on the “Login/Sign Up” button at the top.
  • It will direct you to the next page where you will be asked to fill in your personal details like first name, last name, date of birth, preferred name on the card, mobile number, e-mail ID, etc.
  • Enter all the details as asked on the page.
  • Click on the “Get OTP” button at the bottom.
  • You will receive an OTP on the mobile number you have entered.
  • Submit the OTP and click “Verify”.
  • On the next page, it will ask you to get your KYC updated.
  • Select any one option from the drop-down list.
  • Enter the number of the KYC document that you have selected.
  • Enter the button ‘Submit”.
  • Once your KYC details are updated, your account will get open.
  • Initially, your KYC details are updated as “Minimum KYC”, to get the full access and benefit of the card, you need to get the full KYC done.
  • Full KYC can be done easily with the help of a PAN card and Aadhaar card authentication.
  • The card limit for Minimum KYC is ₹ 10000/month, while for the full KYC it is ₹ 100000.

You will be then redirected to the Dashboard, which is looked like as below.

IRCTC imudra wallet dashboard

On the dashboard, you can see the wallet balance and can add the money to your wallet as per your requirement.

You can also get the iMudra card by clicking on the “Get Digital card”. Once you click on the card, you will be asked to select the one that you want to activate. The charge for getting this card is ₹ 59 (including GST).

Once you make the payment for the digital card, your card will be activated and will show on your dashboard. A unique card number will be allocated to you which you can use for digital as well as for physical transactions anywhere in India. The only condition here is, there should be a sufficient balance available on your account.

How to load money into IRCTC iMudra Wallet?

Well, loading money into the IRCTC iMudra card is very easy. It can be done via any debit card or credit card. I will tell you how:

  • Click on the button “Add Money”.
  • Enter the amount you wish to load into your account.
  • Select the option through which you want to add money to your card.
  • Remember, there are certain charges for adding money to imudra card. They are as below.
  • Credit card: 1.8% of the loaded amount.
  • Debit card: ZERO charges for load up to ₹ 2000 and 0.9% of loaded amount for loads above ₹ 2000.
  • UPI: ZERO charges for load up to ₹ 2000 and 0.65% of loaded amount for loads above ₹ 2000.

You can use this card for any transaction like ticket booking, hotel booking, dining and any other purchase.

There are several discount offers available for which can help you save money on the purchase. Here are the few of them to choose from.

There are several categories of discount which can be used while purchasing anything. You can use the mobile app for using IRCTC iMudra Wallet at any place whether it’s physically or digital. Download the mobile app from Google play store/iOS app store.

How to do IRCTC iMudra Wallet full KYC?

  • Once you have completed the minimum KYC process, there will be a button to go for Full KYC.
  • Click on the button.
  • Enter your PAN number and upload the PAN card image
  • Enter the Aadhaar card number.
  • On the next screen, you will be asked to take the selfie and upload it on the app/portal.
  • Once these details are updated, your full KYC is completed and your account will be upgraded to full KYC mode. This will increase your wallet monthly limit from ₹ 10000 to ₹ 100000.

IRCTC iMudra Wallet Features

  • Use the prepaid card anywhere like booking tickets, hotel or dining. You can use this card offline/physically at any counter where debit/credit cards are accepted.
  • This card can only be used for doing transactions in India and in Indian currency only.
  • While booking a train ticket via imudra card, you can instantly book it without even waiting for OTP on your mobile.
  • With this wallet, you can send and receive money from anyone in India.
  • You need to pay ₹ 59 for digital card and ₹ 236 for physical card. This charges are including GST.

FAQs – IRCTC iMudra Wallet

How many imudra cards can I have?

You are allowed to have 1 digital and 1 physical card.

What are wallet limits?

For minimum KYC the limit is ₹ 10000/month, while for full KYC the limit will be increased to ₹ 100000/month.

Can I send money to anyone in India?

You can, but the only requirement is to have a full KYC done for both sender and receiver side.

How to report any fraud transaction?

You can call on +91 7556610661 for reporting any fraudulent transaction.

How can I top up the wallet?

You can top up the wallet through below options.
1) Debit/Credit card
2) Net banking
3) UPI

What if I have any grievances with the IRCTC iMudra wallet?

Like any other bank, IRCTC iMudra also has a robust process and escalation matrix in case you have any dispute on your account.
You can call their call center number mentioned below.
0755-6610661, 0755-4090600 (Language: Hindi and English)
You can even send your query via email on:
Still, your query is not resolved then you can email the same to the redressal officer at the below mentioend email address.
The turnaround time is 5 days from the receipt of your grievance.

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