Money can buy happiness 

Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard that saying money can’t buy happiness, yet happiness and money are closely related.
Daily morning I read a newspaper and see depression on all the pages. I wanted to take a minute to think about how our health and mental state is linked to the money we have.

When I go in-depth into the news I found out that the people who are depressed or committing suicide is a majority because of money problems. Not having enough money will lead to stress and illness. One cannot be happy if he/she carries millions of rupees in debt. If you are a bread earner for you family you know that right?

There is an increasing trend of divorce in society, money is one of the major reason for divorce in our generation. Our definition of freedom has also now a linkage with money. Buying a thing you want without asking or telling your spouse is now common. And if one interferes it will end up in a quarrel.

When someone is struggling with poor health or in crisis, the more they can pay for care, the better they may get and the more stability they can buy.  A doctor may recommend therapy, but if the person doesn’t have extra money, they may leave with just drugs and not the complete care they really need. Dealing with a health crisis may ideally involve basically putting your life on hold, like any other emergency.

Lastly, and most important issue if you have less money. We are living in a fragmented society where a certain set of people form a group based on their economic conditions like what car they have? where do they live? Where they go for shopping? Etc… People will start ignoring you if you are not able to catch up with them. It’s a hard fact, accept it.

This discussion isn’t intended to sound like complaints, but rather to think about how money continues to play a crucial part in our life.

No one will ever satisfied with the amount of money they have but still crying in a Mercedes is better than crying on the footpaths.

So, maybe money can’t buy happiness, but the more money you have, the better you may live happily.

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      • Very true. It has to do with our reward centers on the brain. It is something we learn where money is used as a means to an end. Happiness is not long lasting and has highs and lows with or without money. With money we could create the artificial highs in more direct ways I suppose.

  1. I believe that it depends on where the person places his Faith. Placing your faith in money can guarantee the best care you could have, but at the end of the day you still get to die. Why not placing your faith on the one who creates everything: God. He is Happiness and the provider of all things!

  2. I understand your position and there are merits to it. Such as comparing the cost of a salad (at home or out) compared to a burger. However its about moderation and balance. Money, work, friends, hobbies… any of these that serve as goals rather than an means to an end, already misses the boat.

  3. Well, its open for debate and you have put your points nicely. Global perspective on money can differ but in the same breath, I agree that money is the means to a lot of things.But all happiness is not derived from money.

  4. You raise interesting points. There are ups and downs to money issues and regardless of whether one has more or less, there comes a point when it can cause problems. Thanks for sharing.

  5. When I just got married, both of us lost of job so we were really short of money. We adjust our spending and that make us closer than ever. It was still straining though. We were so glad we got out from that situation now. But we also realise we never change our way of spending eventhough we have a lot more now, because we were happy eventhough we didn’t have much. We had lots of time together.

  6. Interesting perspective. I would agree that money can facilitate happiness to a degree. It’s a tool, and that tool can be used however we sit fit to improve our lives, thus creating a sense of happiness.

  7. Interesting article! I agree that money can buy happiness. But I have a little different perspective than the Mercedes analogy. I’d rather cry in a car that is paid off than in a car that I owe money on! (I write about minimalism) 🙂 Good insights and money does absolutely give you buying power.

  8. I felt the need to click due to the title. I have been disagreeing with the statement of it not buying happiness but you are absolutely correct. I know I’d be happier if I didn’t have so much debt! It’s not making it important or buying ridiculous things, it’s about being in a comfortable place to enjoy life.


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