Cheque book Request Letter – Format and Ways of Request

Cheque book Request Letter

Cheques are one of the oldest forms of payment in the world, and they continue to be used widely in India today. They are convenient, secure, and widely accepted, making them an essential part of any modern banking experience. However, to use cheques effectively, you need a cheque book, and getting one is not always … Read more

Financial Milestones by age 30,40,50 & 60+

financial milestones

Living a life without any goals is like throwing a stone in the air. – Aimless!!! Every day you are getting ready to go to your workplace, you have determined a road which leads to your workplace. In the same way, have you determined the road that leads to your financial freedom? I strongly recommend … Read more

What Are the Habits That Make You Rich?

habits that make you rich

Creating wealth is a goal that many people aspire to achieve. While luck and circumstances play a role in financial success, there are certain habits that consistently contribute to building wealth. In this article, we will explore the habits that make you rich on your journey towards financial abundance. By adopting these habits, you can … Read more

Benefits of PFMS Payments to the Nation

benefits of pfms

The Public Financial Management System (PFMS) is an online platform developed by the Government of India to track and manage government funds efficiently. It plays a crucial role in promoting transparency, accountability, and financial inclusion. In this article, we will explore the benefits of PFMS payments to the nation and how they contribute to the … Read more

Own Car vs Cab Renting

buying own car vs cab renting

In the age of cab renting facility like OLA and UBER, it becomes super simple to book a car and go where ever you want to go. Within few minutes of booking a cab, it will come to your place, you can go where ever you want to go at any time. So when there … Read more

How to Save Income Tax? – Pay Zero Tax Up to Rs. 9.85 Lakhs

save income tax

In the Union budget 2019-20 Mr. Piyush Goyel has announced a tax rebate for income up to Rs. 5 lakhs. This means that the salaried people whose yearly earning up to Rs. 5 lakhs, do not have to pay any tax. With this announcement, the person can save additional Rs. 10000 in the same tax … Read more

How to Invest in International Markets with KRISTAL.AI


Have you ever wanted to invest in the international markets? Do you want to own Facebook, Apple, and Google? Yes! you heard it right. You can invest in international markets just like you connect with your friends and family residing outside India. KRISTAL is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) based robo advisory company situated in Bangalore … Read more

The financial philosophy

poor boy

Financial philosophy It’s still 26 k.m. we have to cover to reach our office. We are already getting late and Rihan is as usual driving a car like a bullock cart. The volume of the radio is quite high and looks like he is ignoring me. I felt like I should get off the car … Read more

Indian Currency Symbol: An Emblem of India’s Monetary Identity

indian currency symbol

In the world of finance, currency symbols play a vital role in representing a country’s monetary identity. One such emblem is the Indian Currency Symbol, a unique and significant symbol that represents the Indian Rupee. In this article, we will delve into the history, design, and cultural significance of the Indian Currency Symbol, exploring how … Read more

What is Money Multiplier?

money multiplier

Money multiplier is a term that is often used in economics and finance to describe the relationship between the amount of money that a central bank creates and the amount of money that is ultimately available for circulation in an economy. In India, the concept of money multiplier is closely linked to the Reserve Bank … Read more

Rs. 2000 Notes Withdrawal – Don’t Panic And Do This

2000 notes

In this comprehensive article, we aim to provide a detailed analysis of the recent withdrawal of Rs. 2000 notes by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Our goal is to offer valuable insights and information that can help you understand the reasoning behind this decision and its potential impact on the Indian economy. Let’s delve … Read more

Cheque Bounce Notice Format

Cheque bounce notice

A cheque is a widely accepted form of payment that has been used in India for several decades. A cheque is a written order that authorizes the bank to pay a certain sum of money to a person or entity. However, when a cheque is dishonored or bounces, it creates a lot of problems for … Read more

How Much Can I Earn From 20k Views On YouTube?

Earn From 20k Views On YouTube

YouTube has become a powerhouse platform for content creators to share their videos and earn money. One of the common questions aspiring YouTubers ask is, “How much can I earn from 20,000 views on YouTube?” In this article, we’ll delve into the factors that determine YouTube earnings, the average earnings from 20k views, and strategies … Read more

DMIT Test Business Model – 70% to 80% Profit Margin

DMIT Test business

Every parent is worried about their child’s future. They want their child to be the best in everything and must stand out of the crowd. For this, they are doing some research about the potential of their child and trying to identify their talents. You might have heard about the DMIT test. If not this … Read more

WhatsApp Pay FAQs

WhatsApp Pay FAQs

WhatsApp Pay is soon going to launch in India. Last year in February 2018 it has launched its beta program. Since then around one million users have tested WhatsApp Pay till now in India. In the testing phase, there must be some glitches and issues coming up from the different users. So to help them … Read more