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NiveshMitr is an online mutual fund investing website enabling simplified, intelligent investing. It helps a client invest in a fully-diversified portfolio based on their risk profile.

Niveshmitr is an Indore based fin-tech startup providing platform for investing into mutual funds. The company is started in June 2018. With the use of the the latest technology and team of experts, Niveshmitr is all set to fly.

Arpita Gupta is the founder and CEO of She is a Chartered Accountant by education and also CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Level 1 from USA.

Niveshmitr is helping people to invest smart and effortless. Their technology helps with the personalized investing recommendation and also helps to make a financial plan to achieve financial goals.

Let’s go through the features of the Niveshmitr one by one and find out how it is different from the existing ones.

Features of Niveshmitr

User Friendly

The portal is quite easy and user friendly. any layman can understand different portion of the website. Signing up is as easy as you sign up for Facebook or Instagram account. Below is the screenshot of the sign up page where you just have to fill in the basic details of your and you are good to go.


Robo Advisory

Once you are logged in, it will ask you to provide some more details like your current age, family details, financial goals etc. Based on these details the backend algorithm will suggest you the unique portfolio just designed for you based on your risk profile and time horizon.

Goal Based Investing

Goal-based investing is the modern approach to wealth management that emphasis on the investing with the objective of attaining specific financial goals. These goals could be, children’s higher education, building a retirement corpus, dream home etc. Very few mutual fund investment platforms are offering goal based investing facility.

Niveshmitr is one of the rare portals which offers goal based investing approach. In this method, you are first required to define your goal and time horizon for achieving that specific goal. The second stage is the asset allocation based on the defined goals. And last, there is a mutual fund scheme selection based on the goals. This approach will ensure that you will achieve your specific goals in the future.

Ease of Use

With the help of new age technology, it is very easy to invest in mutual fund through NiveshMitr. The portal offers an easy and fast way to invest or withdraw your funds in the mutual fund. being an online portal, you can do your transaction from the comfort of your home at any time.

You just have to link your bank account once, and the SIP will automatically start deducting money on the specified date. You don’t need internet banking for linking your bank account and doing transactions with Niveshmitr.

The team of experts will monitor the market scenario and based on that, they will suggest you necessary changes in your portfolio. Not only that, going extra mile, they will make the necessary changes in your portfolio and inform you to approve it (if you wish to). Once this is approved by you, your changes will appear in your portfolio.

By doing this, Niveshmitr ensures that your earnings are always high at the same time it provides capital protection against the adverse market conditions. Thus, Niveshmitr is a true MITR(friend) who will help you to achieve your financial goals with the capital protection.

Through Niveshmitr, you can invest for your spouse, children, parents all at one place. So you don’t have to manage different portal/logins for your family. Create different portfolio for different family members.

Customer Service

Customer service is the process of ensuring customer satisfaction with the product or service you offer. The customer service team at Niveshmitr is quick and responsive at all the time. As we are living in the generation Y who are known for the speed in all they do. This new age generation is highly tech-savvy, well educated and well informed (due to Google search). They want everything fast and have a high-risk appetite.

As compared to the traditional investors, their demand from the service provider is obviously going to be high. Meeting their expectation of speed in response is what differentiate Niveshmitr from others.

You can get in touch with them via Email: Send in all your queries and they will revert back in no time. Alternatively, you can send the message via their website.

The registered address of the company is as below.

92 Baikundtham Colony, Behind Anand Bazaar, Indore

The only thing missing for the website is the mobile app for investing and managing portfolio on the go. May be in the near future we will see the mobile app for its users to transact on the go.


Overall, Niveshmitr is a good platform for investing in mutual funds. The main thing I like about the portal is the goal based investing approach. First time investors can surely consider Niveshmitr as their preferred investment partner.

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