One Nation One Card – Review

If you are tired of paying at different places with different payment mode, One nation one card is the solution for you. It is the first indigenous interoperable transport card to pay for your bus travel, toll taxes, parking, and shopping.

On the launching of the one nation one card, Mr. Durga Shankar Mishra – The secretary to the ministry of Urban Affairs said that it the first card which is compliant based on National Common Mobility Card (NCMC).

Public transport in India is a very important aspect. In the individual study by Ola, mobility institute has revealed that 80% of the people in cities would prefer to use public transport rather than their own vehicles.

As per the study, Chennai has the highest number of people using public transport while Mumbai has the lowest.

One Nation One Card

One nation one card is the single card for making all your financial transactions. It is like Aadhaar card which has replaced all your existing identity cards. With the launch of one nation one card, all the existing transport cards will be replaced. A user will be able to use this card for making payment to travel fare, parking fees, toll tax, etc.

one nation one card launch

Till date, people had to purchase different subscriptions, cards, and tickets for different modes of public transport. Further, a transport card of one state was not applicable to other states.

If you are traveling across the nation, you might have to face various issues like waiting in a long queue for purchasing tickets, looking for a change, etc. You can get rid of all these issues by using one nation one card at all the transport terminals.

Key Features of the One Nation One Card

  • The card can be used to make payment for the bus, train, metro, parking fees, toll charges, shopping, and cash withdrawal.
  • The first indigenously card which supports automatic fare collection
  • The card comes with swipe-to-pay and contactless option.
  • It is an open-loop card that can be used on all POS and ATM machines
  • The card has a provision of storing value (money) which can be accessed easily as and when needed.
  • The card is chip-based EVM technology equipped ensures the security of payments at all the POS terminals.
  • You can use it as prepaid, credit or debit card with 25 partnered banks such as SBI, PNB, etc.
  • You can get a cashback of 10% at merchant’s outlet and 5% at ATM abroad.
  • The card has reserved space on a card for storage of monthly passes, tickets and financial inclusion products.

Benefits of One Nation One Card

  • With this card, daily operation at transit places become more easy and fast. Users do not have to wait in a long queue for purchasing tickets. You can pay without any hassle. This saves time and efforts of both the consumers and operators.
  • Saves a good amount on operation cost of the ticketing and increases the efficiency.
  • There will be records available of the users so that the operator will get better insights about the transactions done through the one nation one card.
  • Users will use this card across various transit operation system. The user will not have t carry cash and various cards for every transit operation.

Should you apply for one nation one card?

This card is good for people :

  • Frequent traveler across the nation
  • Want to save time
  • Want to use a seamless payment option for all your travel expenses
  • If you want to withdraw cash from the ATM
  • If you want to use the card as debit or credit card

How to apply for one nation one card?

There are 25 banks have partnered including SBI and PNB. Paytm is also offering this card. For applying for the card, you need to approach the bank. In the initial phase, the card will be available only in an urban area and later on the same will be available in the rural areas.

As of now, there is no official website through which you can apply for this card, but the same will be available soon. Will update the same as and when it will be available.


This is a great initiative by the government of India. It will be beneficial for both users and operators. The main aim for launching this card is to boost the cashless transactions in our day to day life.

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