How To Do PayTm Full KYC At Home

PayTm is the leading brand when it comes to paying your utility bills, mobile recharge, movie ticket booking and much more. Paytm small bank also lets you open a saving bank account and you can make fix deposit same like your regular banks. For getting all these things done, one time PayTm full KYC is required to be completed. In this article, I will tell you the step-by-step process to get your Paytm full KYC at home.

Why is Paytm full KYC is necessary?

Paytm has started as a mobile recharge portal. But over a period of time, it has included many other services and products to its offering list. Paytm also has got a small finance bank license. So Paytm has not become a Paytm Bank. So it has to follow certain RBI guidelines. As per the RBI guideline, all the users of the Paytm must be verified.

You can get the temporary KYC of 1 year by verifying your Aadhar number through the mobile app. Once this 1-year validity expires, you need to get the full KYC done to continue using Paytm wallet.

By completing full paytm KYC, you will unlock full access to the products and services offered by the Paytm. For example, if you are an unverified user, you would not be able to transfer money to your bank account or storing more than Rs. 20000 in your Paytm account.

Benefits of full Paytm KYC

  • Add money to your wallet
  • Validity up to 10 years
  • Send money to a friend
  • Transfer money to bank account
  • Maintain wallet balance up to Rs. 1 lakh

Ways of getting the Paytm full KYC done

There are two ways of getting the Paytm full KYC.

  • By visiting nearby Paytm KYC center
  • By getting the paytm full KYC done at home

For the first method, you need to go to the Paytm mobile app. click on the nearby KYC and you will get the list of address of the nearby shops where you can get your full paytm KYC done. You need to get the same verified through Aadhar based verification at the store.

How to do Paytm full KYC at home?

For this method, you need to go to the KYC and select “Aadhar verification at your doorstep” option as shown in the below screen.

paytm full kyc option

On the next screen, you will be required to fill in your address where you want your KYC to be done. Once you fill in that details, you will have to choose the date on which you want the person should visit your preferred address for verification.

You are also required to select the time slot during which the person should come to your place for verification. Select the slot and confirm the appointment.

You need only two documents, Aadhaar card, and PAN card to complete the full Paytm KYC at your doorstep. If you don’t have a PAN card, then you will have to fill in form 60 and submit it to the person visiting your place. Form 60 is readily available with the person who visits your place.

On submission of the appointment for verification, a confirmation SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number. Also, there will be one unique QR code generated within the app which you need to show to the person who visits your place for KYC verification.

You need to show the original Aadhaar and PAN card to the person for verification purpose. So make sure you keep it handy.

The process is very easy and fast that it can be done in a few minutes. After getting this done you will be able to enjoy all the features of the Paytm saving account and wallet.

FAQs of doing Paytm full KYC at home

Q: Why should I have to do KYC in Paytm?

Answer: Paytm is now Paytm Bank so it has to follow certain guideline of RBI. For using Paytm’s all features and services you need to get the one time KYC done. Otherwise, you will not be able to use all the features of the Paytm.

Q: Can I do my Paytm KYC at home?

Answer: Yes, you can now get your Paytm KYC done at your doorstep by booking an appointment through Paytm app.

Q: Do I have to pay any charges for getting full Paytm KYC at home?

Answer: No, it is completely free. you don’t have to pay any charges for this service.

Q: Can PayTm full KYC be done online?

Answer: No, you have to get the same done in person. through online you can get only mini KYC done with a validity of 1 year only.

Q: What is the minimum age for Paytm KYC?

Answer: No, There’s No Age Restriction regarding KYC Completion for PayTM wallet, But for PayTM Payments Bank You have to be at least more than 18 years old as per your Aadhar Card.

Q: Can I reschedule my appointment?

Answer: Yes, you can reschedule the appointment through the mobile app.


If you are frequently using Paytm for your day to day needs like mobile recharge, movie ticket booking, bus ticket booking then you must complete Paytm full KYC. They are offering this facility at your doorstep without any charges. For more details, you can also visit their site here: Paytm Full KYC

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