Stock SIP on Zerodha Kite

Stock SIP on Zerodha Kite

Online brokerage firm Zerodha has launched a feature that will help the investors to set up stocks and ETFs SIP on the Kite Web portal. Through this feature, users will be able to select the stocks and ETFs and invest in them in a SIP way. Let’s explore this Stock SIP on Zerodha Kite and … Read more

What is stock SIP?

stock sip

Stock SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is an investment strategy that allows investors to invest in stocks at regular intervals, typically monthly or quarterly. The process involves investing a fixed amount of money in stocks on a periodic basis, instead of making a lump sum investment at once. This investment approach is commonly used by long-term … Read more

How to Setup Stock SIP in Zerodha?

setup stock sip on zerodha

Zerodha is a game changer when it comes to a new age stock broker. It has introduced the zero commission plan on cash market transactions. With this one revolutionary change in the commission, the new era of stock broking has emerged. There are many innovative and customer friendly features like converting intraday order to delivery … Read more