How to Open a Free Demat Account With Upstox

What if I told you about the discount brokerage firms letting you trade on their platform for Rs. 20? how is it possible? I must be kidding, right? No. I am not kidding. It is a new age trading platforms that we can have at a flat rate of as low as Rs. 20. How lucky we are born in this era of technology. In the last few years, discount brokerage trading account has changed the way people are trading in the stock market. There are many firms available who are offering discount brokerage account for trading. Upstox is also one of the leading brokerage firms who provide zero brokerage account. They are charging a flat fee of Rs. 20/ order.

Discount brokerage is catching the heat in the market as it is convenient and inexpensive. The advanced technology is becoming more accessible to the people hence they are trying their hand in the stock market easily.

Investors or Traders like you and I are always in search of best trading accounts. But what is best for me might not be best for you. It depends on various factors like user profile, risk appetite, priorities and so on.

The main aspect of a good trading account provider is trading platforms, low brokerage, high leverage (margin), good customer service & research calls.

After checking through many discount brokerage platform available in India, Upstox is one such platform which is fulfilling all the above.

About Upstox

Upstox not only provides a robust trading platform but also provides great support from the customer service. Every trader has different needs at a different level. A beginner seeks more of suggestions and advice from his broker for picking up the right stocks and mutual funds. On the other hand, an experienced trader is looking for low brokerage and high leverage(margin).

Upstox is the best combination for all of this. It is providing the best products at the competitive rates and extraordinary customer service all the time. Let’s check the product portfolio of Upstox.

Upstox Platform (Web & Mobile App)

  • Pro Web
  • Pro Mobile

Pro Web by Upstox

Pro web by Upstox is the web-based trading platform that offers the best charting tool with lots of technical indicators. These indicators will help a trader to spot market trends and make an informed decision.

Pro Web by Upstox
Pro Web by Upstox

The chart is so flexible that you can adjust it as per your needs. There are 100+ pre-build indicators available to choose from. The order placement is so accurate and minimal that there are no chances of making mistakes while placing an order.

The neat and clean order placement screen will ask for the minimal inputs required for the order placement. Not only that, you can place an order at a lightning speed. There is an option for a quick trade in which you can set your order preference and quickly buy/sell at the tap of just one click.

upstox one click trade
Quick Trade by Upstox

The trading platform can be customizable as per one’s needs and wish. There are various widgets which can be adjusted on the screen as per your requirement. This will help you in multitasking during volatile market conditions.

You will not miss a chance of making a profit if you have all the ticking figures right in front of your eyeballs. You can have charts, watchlist, positions, order history, quick trade widget all in one screen.

Pro Mobile

Everything now has gone mobile. Then why not trading? Yes! trading on the go is the new fashion and a must-have feature for any brokerage firm. Upstox understands this very well. That’s why they have designed a state of the art mobile app for the convenience of the trader and investors.

The world is in your hand. All the features of the web portal are available on the mobile app. You just have to log in into the mobile app and your profile, watchlist & everything else is seamlessly synced with the web.

upstox mobile app
app store
google pay

Download the mobile app from the above link and get yourself registered for free. Once you are registered, you can enjoy the great trading experience through the mobile app.

Through the mobile app, you can place the advance trading orders like bracket order and cover order. These are the orders meant for the pro traders only.

You will get a price alert notification in the app. For this, you need to set the price triggers in the mobile app itself. Once the trigger is achieved, you will get the in-app notification in real-time. The app uses very minimal data so that you can trade even with the low bandwidth data network.

Benefits of Upstox Trading Account

Upstox is not just another discount broker out there. It is a complete trading console which a pro trader needs. It provides complete trading and investing solutions to one who is serious about making money in the stock market. Below are the major benefits of having an account with Upstox.

  • Free account opening (saves up to Rs. 577/-)
  • Get free stock tips on the account opening
  • Offers free delivery trade forever
  • Seamless account opening. (takes less than 10 mins.)
  • Charting tool with more than 100 indicators
  • Rs. 20/- flat intraday brokerage fee for 20 times leverage on cash segment
  • Rs. 30/- flat brokerage fee for 25X leverage on cash segment
  • Transact in Equity, F&O, Currency and Commodities all in one place
  • Get access to the Web and Mobile app for transaction
  • You will also get access to the partner platforms like Dartstock, Fox trader and NEST
  • Live chat support for any query
  • Great customer service round the clock
  • Used and trusted by 1 Lakh + happy customers
  • Available in English and Hindi
  • One of the highest-rated trading app on the play store

How to Open a free account with Upstox?

You can open a free demat account with Upstox easily. Just follow the below steps to open your free demat account on Upstox.

upstox demat account
  • Click on this
  • Enter your email address and mobile number
  • Click on “Send OTP” button
  • The OTP will be sent on your mobile number and email address
  • Enter the OTP and submit
  • On the next screen, it will ask your PAN number and date of birth
  • Enter PAN number and date of birth and click on “NEXT”
  • Then it will ask some more basic details about you, these are the requirement from SEBI to open a demat account
  • Select appropriate details and click “NEXT”
  • On the next page, it will ask you to choose your trading account preference
  • Select the segment in which you want to trade, select the plan of your choice and click “NEXT”
  • On the next page, enter your bank details (this is required to link your bank account)
  • Then you have to upload your passport size photo and income proof
  • You can upload your bank statement of last 6 months, ITR return or salary slip as income proof
  • Upload your address proof like Passport, driving license, Aadhaar card
  • Upload your PAN card and passport size photo
  • The last step is to sign the application digitally with e-Aadhaar (if you have Aadhaar linked with your mobile number)
  • Alternatively, you can download the form, sign, and courier it to Upstox


Brokerage is the compulsory charges one need to pay to the brokers for transacting. Low brokerage is always good and welcome to all investors, no matter whether they are big or small.

After checking my Upstox account for a few days, I am satisfied with the web and mobile applications. The portal is really fast and easy. I have also checked the Mutual fund portal and it’s also quite good. It suggests you the best mutual fund schemes for a different segment.

In a nutshell, I can say that Upstox is a versatile platform for traders and investors. It is for those people who are already paying higher brokerage and other charges.

The portal is designed in such a way that beginners can gain experience and education to grow their strategy and tricks for picking the right stock and invest their hard-earned money.

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