Why middle class person always thinks of money?

Do you check your bank account daily?

Do you want your children to study hard and take up a job?

Are you thinking about money all the time?

Do you always have a fear of losing a job?

If your answers to the above questions is YES, then you are so middle class. Don’t worry you are not alone. According to NCAER, India’s middle-class population would be 267 million in 2016.

The economy has divided people into groups based on their financial status into broadly three categories.

Rich people – Elite class

Meeting ends – Middle class

Hungry people – Poor class

Let’s talk about each one of them.

Rich people – Elite class

This is the set of people who can afford any luxury in life. They have more than enough money with them. They don’t have to worry about day to day budget. They can take quick buying decisions. They no more work for the money rather they want to contribute to the people around them. They can significantly impact society- positive or negative. They become influential people who can make or change any decision in their favor.

Around 1% of the world’s population falls under this class.

Meeting ends – Middle class

This set of people are making enough money to meet their basic requirements. They are on tight budget, the smallest extra expense would pinch them a lot. They left with very little or no money at the end of the month. They cannot save and plan for their future.

Hungry people – Poor class
This set of people are not earning enough to even feed themselves and their family. We all know about these people, right? So will not waste my effort explaining the same thing again.

Why middle-class person always thinks of money?

As we have checked in the above definitions, the middle class is the category which is very struggling. The middle-class person will always try to catch up with the rich person. He will stretch his budget to imitate rich people. His mind is always occupied thinking of making more money. He is playing it too safe and doesn’t want to take a risk in the life. Satisfied with whatever he is earning. But at the same time wants to be richer. Dream of becoming rich looks like attainable and hence he is thriving towards achieving that goal. So money is always on his mind.

The Elite class of people doesn’t bother about money as it’s not their priority anymore. And the poor class people know that it’s a waste of time of thinking about being rich, they know the hard fact that they can’t achieve that goal and hence are not thinking in that direction.

The irony – Middle-class mentality

The middle-class person is chasing money all the time. Compromising and prioritize on many needs for the sake of his family. Gradually he started believing that his capabilities are limited to what he is doing. This block will stop him thinking beyond his daily life. He will slog for his entire life just for the sake of his children’s future.

He wants to invest for the future of his kids. He doesn’t want his kids too work as hard as he did. So he just tries to make them capable of getting a job. His kid is weak in maths but then also he spends lakhs for his IIT-JEE Coaching. He has to make his girl, not a successful entrepreneur but an ‘ideal bride’. For these regular expectations and dreams, he doesn’t  care about their hobbies. That is what a middle-class person thinks of! -MONEY!

No hobbies, No Happiness, just Money and nothing else.

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