Best Work From Home Jobs in India

India is a versatile country. We Indians are hardworking and adjust ourselves under any conditions. With a world’s 2nd largest population, unemployment is a major issue. Not even the mediocre people but highly educated people don’t have jobs in India. Due to this a lot of people are turning to online jobs for the living. In this article, we will discuss top work from home jobs in India which can help you earn as high as Rs. 1 lakh per month based on your knowledge and skills.

The icing on the cake is that you don’t have to invest any money to earn from these work from home jobs. What you need is just a subject matter experts in the respective field.

Background of the Job market in India

Despite there is a growth in the GDP, the actual jobs required vis-a-vis jobs created the gap has widened. More shockingly, the number of educated people who are unemployed is higher than that of uneducated people in India. Around 30 percent of the young Indian population is unemployed. As you can see below more than 30% of the Indians aged between 15-29 are unemployed.

jobs trend in india

Further going deep into these numbers, I am shocked to find out that there are literate people who are unemployed in India. 11% of the educated people are unemployed due to high competition in India.

work from home jobs

This is one of the major reason why people are moving towards the alternate option for making money in India.

On the other hand, there is a large percentage of the population who have a job or making some money but that is not sufficient to meet two legs at the end of the month. Those are the people who are looking for part time jobs or side income to meet their monthly budget.

So let’s take a look at different work from home jobs and find out which one is for you.

Best work from home jobs in India

  • Virtual Assistant

These are basically the freelancers who work remotely from anywhere in the world and help your business with various administrative tasks like checking and responding to emails, creating business presentations, data analysis, handling and responding to business inquiries, managing company’s website or blog.

The demand of the virtual assistant is increasing day by day as a company is expanding their business to new locations where they don’t want to invest in office infrastructure and employee cost. They are demanding for virtual assistants to manage the office work for that particular location.

Tip: Find the multinational company who has recently opened a branch in your city or are likely to open one in near future. Big business tycoons who do not have time for checking and responding their emails are your targeted employer.

Skills Required:

  • Good communication skills
  • Basic computer skill like MS Office
  • Good English


Job Source:


Average Earning (India): Rs. 15000/ month (as per

  • Web Developer

This is a very competitive field. It also requires a good and latest industry knowledge as the industry is very dynamic and keeps on changing very fast. Technological changes are happening every day so to keep up with that pace is a key to success. There are a lot of web developers, but not all are successful.

The web developer market is crowded but there is still a demand for a reputed one. You have to do a lot of hard work to reach the top slot, but once you are there you can make tons of money. Successful web developers are hiring other designers at the lower cost.

Tip: Start with a small project and helping people at lower cost. Once you gain some trust of the people their future projects will be yours for sure. References are working great in this field as most of the people are relying on the tested one.

Once you are known among your domain, start a company and hire people to work for you. At this level, you will get good projects as you already have established your trust in the market. The earning potential is infinite in this field once you become well known.

Skills Required:

  • Good knowledge of the computer programing
  • Update with the latest technology
  • Web designing

Job Sources:


Average Earning (India): Rs. 40000 / month (as per

  • Travel Agent

They are the freelancers who take orders and book tickets online for flights, hotels, rail tickets, bus tickets etc. They basically take bookings from their clients who do not have time to find the best deal by themselves.

For this, you need to have your website and some online presence. People will trust you if you have your business name on the web. It also helps you to get business from across the globe. Choose a business name that suits your work and get yourself at least basic static website (it will not cost you more than Rs. 1000).

Tip: Again this is an overcrowded field as there are a lot of people in the market who does this sitting at home. Good client service is what differentiate you from the crowd. Have a specialty in something i.e. honeymoon package booking, destination wedding booking. There is a less competition in this specialty niche.

Skills Required:

  • Good interpersonal & communication skills
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Latest updates of the travel industry
  • Good mathematical skills
  • Have an interest in travel & tourism
  • Fluency in local & prominent languages

Job Source:



Average Earning (India): Rs. 20000 / month (as per

  • Freelance Writer

This one is an emerging market in India I would say. India has seen a paradigm shift in the digitization in last few years. More and more companies are coming online to tap the market. There is a distinct demand for a quality content writer for the companies.

In today’s world, marketing is not just a sales pitch. You need to be more creative while offering your product online. The buyer is not going to see physically hence your product description is one of the major criteria he is looking at while taking his buying decision.

The product description should be crisp and clear so that the potential customer can be attracted to buy the product. In the recent past, companies have understood the importance of content writing and started hiring people to manage this task dedicated.

TIP: Here the first impression is the last impression. Creating a compelling profile on job portals. Connect with others in your domain and ask them to rate you. Your rating will decide whether you will get the job or not.

Company from the USA can hire the person from India to manage its content writing on blog and products.

Skills Required:

  • Good presentation skills
  • Smart and intelligent
  • Accurate and Fast
  • Creative
  • Basic computer knowledge

Job Source:


Average Earning (India): Rs. 20000 / month (as per

  • Social Media Manager

This one is my favorite! I came to know about social media manager a few years back when the internet was a scare and very handful of people are using it. But today this has come up with the main source of a sell for many companies.

India is on number 2nd for Facebook as a user base. Same with WhatsApp and Twitter. People are spending so much time online sharing their life’s events. Nowadays, we are sharing more on the internet than one to one.

Entire social media network works on the word of mouth. Your friend has bought a new mobile phone and post his selfie on the Facebook with the message “First selfie with my new phone XYZ. You will definitely be going to like that post and ask for some details about the features and price of the phone.

Your friend who has bought the phone works here at the marketing person for that phone without any salary or commission :).

Companies like Flipkart and Amazon has a dedicated team for managing their social media handles. There is a dedicated course for learning social media marketing. The field is most lucrative and futuristic.

TIP: Go join any good social media manager course on at the small fee. Learn the tac ticks people are applying for the boosting social presence and generating more business leads or sell.

Skills Required:

  • In-depth knowledge of marketing
  • Advance computer knowledge
  • Graphics production
  • Writing skills
  • Customer service mindset
  • Fast and accurate responsiveness
  • SEO experts

Job Source:


Average Earning (India): Rs. 50000 / month (as per

Things you should know for getting work from home jobs

  • You need to have good computer knowledge as its a prime requirement for any distance job
  • The company who is offering you work from home jobs is reliable or not? check its registration details and review from other people
  • How much are they paying you? is it at par with the industry standards? If no then don’t go for it. If it offers significantly higher pay then also you need to be cautious as it can be a fraud company.
  • What is their selection criteria?
  • For how much time they are offering this job to you? is it a temporary project based job?
  • Though its work from home jobs you need to spend a good amount of time in your job
  • You must have good communication skills
  • Check if the company is offering any training or not? if yes, go for it
  • Check if the company is asking for any deposit to be made, if yes, then don’t do it. It may be fraud

Advantages of work from home jobs

  • Positive impact on health and wellness
  • Work-life balance
  • Cutdown on traveling time and cost
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere
  • Real-time validation of your online work
  • Global exposure

Here is how to get started

As you can see most of the jobs are as a freelancer. So the first thing you need to do is to get yourself registered on the freelancer platform. Prominent freelancer platforms are & Create your profile on these portal and update your skill details on the portal.

Ask people to rate you on your profile. Good ratings mean more trust people will have on you and will help you to get the jobs easily.

Initially, you will find it hard to get the job, but once you have good experience and references, you will get jobs easily.

Hope by now you must have shortlisted suitable job for yourself.

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