Yahoo Finance Vs Google Finance

Yahoo and Google both are big tech giants so are their competitors. Google is far ahead of Yahoo with its ecosystem which provides various services like mail, news, business services, etc. But when it comes to finance and money, the scene is reversed. Today, we will discuss Yahoo Finance vs Google Finance and which one is better.

“A man with a watch knows what time it is.
A man with two watches is never sure.”

– Segal’s law

I got an idea about this article from my friend who and I were standing at the tea stall. He opened his mobile and start checking stocks price on Yahoo Finance App. He told me to check the price of HDFC Bank. I unlock my phone and search it in google search and got the price. At that time, I realized that Google Finance doesn’t have any mobile app as Yahoo finance has.

Yahoo Finance Vs Google Finance

So let’s check and compare all the features and services both the financial platform is offering.

Website Interface

Both Yahoo and Google Finance have a lot of financial information on the homepage. Yahoo Finance offers an indices ticker at the top of the webpage. It offers all the major indexes like Sensex & Nifty 50, Dow, Nasdaq & BTC-INR prices. If you slide the ticker from the right side corner, you will find more indexes.

Yahoo Finance Vs Google Finance

Google Finance also offers a clean and minimal ticker bar as shown below. It doesn’t offer comprehensive data of the indexes as Yahoo Finance is providing. So at the first glance, Yahoo Finance is far better than Google Finance.

google finance ticker

Both the platform offers search bar wherein you can type in stock symbol or name and it will get you the details of the searched stock.

Score: Yahoo Finance 1 Google Finance 0

Search Details

Let’s check the real metal of these portals by searching any stock and see what it offers. For a demo purpose, I have typed in HDFC Bank and hit the enter button.

Yahoo Finance has shown me detailed information about the stock. It offers stock opening price, Day’s range, 52 weeks high-low, Avg. volume, Market cap, Pe, EPS, ex-dividend date, and a lot more.

There is an ‘Add to Watchlist’ button beside the stock name. You just have to click on it and it will be added to your watchlist.

There are multiple tabs available like charts, conversations, statistics, historical data, profile, financials, analysis, options, holders, and sustainability.

hdfc bank ltd stock details

Google Finance, on the other hand, offers very limited data points like stock charts and ‘compare to’ features. You have to scroll down a bit to see the other details like Day’s range, 52 weeks high-low, PE ratio, market cap, etc. It offers very limited details.

So for the people who want all fundamental and technical data points, Yahoo Finance is better than Google Finance.

google finance stock details

Score: Yahoo Finance 2 Google Finance 0

Stock Chart

A stock chart is one of the most used features by anyone who wants to check the past performance of the stock. Let’s see who is best in terms of the stock chart.

Yahoo Finance offers charts with complete details like technical indicators and date range selection. You can also set the chart intervals on which the charts show the data points. For example, you can set the chart intervals from 1m to 1 year. There are various intervals like 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month available.

There is an option for selecting a date range for which you want to plot your chart. You can even view the chart in the full-screen mode in Yahoo Finance. There is a functionality for drawing your own lines on the chart. This is usually done by the technical analyst for measuring various technical data points on the chart.

Yahoo Finance Chart
Yahoo Finance Chart

Google Finance has a very basic chart that shows data points on the various time intervals. You can choose various time intervals like 1 day, 5 days, 1 month, 6 months, YTD, 1 year, 5 years, and MAX. It also offers a comparison feature through which you can plot the charts of more than 1 stock at a time and compare them.

google finance chart

Google Finance lacks many features in the stock chart, which is why it is still not popular among investors, especially for intraday traders and technical analysts because of its limited functionality. Google Finance loses big time on the very important feature i.e. stock chart.

Score: Yahoo Finance 3 Google Finance 0

Stocks News

Yahoo Finance shows financial news from the limited sources. While Google Finance shows financial news from lots of dominant websites. The updation of the news is quite frequent on the Google Finance as compared to Yahoo Finance.

Yahoo Finance shows news based on the category like, Business which comprises all the types of business news. While Google Finance shows news related to stocks and capital markets only. Which is more relevant here.

google finance news

Score: Yahoo Finance 3 Google Finance 1

Stock Portfolio

Yahoo Finance offers a portfolio service in which you can add and update your stocks and portfolio. While Google Finance doesn’t offer any portfolio services. It offers only the ‘Add to Watchlist’ feature which is only to track the price movement of the stock’s price.

Yahoo Finance offers a portfolio wherein you can add the scrip and quantity of your choice and track the profit & loss of your portfolio in real-time. You just have to log-in to Yahoo Finance, select the script of your choice and add the quantity and purchase price. It will automatically be saved to your portfolio and shows the P&L for that particular script in your portfolio.

You can even import data from Google Finance to your portfolio. There is an option for export/import for the portfolio. The data can be imported or exported in CSV file format. Which can be easily viewed in MS excel software for further analysis or as a backup.

Score: Yahoo Finance 4 Google Finance 1

Exchange Data Accuracy and Speed

This is the most important service anyone would like to see while checking the stock data online. While checking both the portal, I have found that they both claims to provide the stock data in a real-time basis. Below is the proof of the same.

yahoo finance data accuracy
google finance data accuracy

Both the portals are offering accurate data and in real-time. So there is no much of a difference here. But if you also want to check the data for the mutual funds, Yahoo Finance is what you have to choose. You can even add your mutual fund SIPs into Yahoo Finance’s portfolio.

Google Finance doesn’t offer comprehensive data for mutual funds on its portal. Moreover, you cannot add that data to your portfolio because there is no portfolio available on Google Finance.

Score: Yahoo Finance 5 Google Finance 1

Yahoo Finance vs Google Finance – Comparison

Yahoo FinanceGoogle Finance
Offers comprehensive stock tickerOffers basic and limited stock ticker
Shows a detailed snapshot of the stockShows limited details
Comprehensive ChartsBasic Charts
Shows limited financial newsShows comprehensive financial news
Offers Stock PortfolioOnly the ‘Add to Watchlist’ feature
Provides data in real-time for BSE & NSEProvides data in real-time for BSE & NSE
Mobile App AvailableNo dedicated mobile app
Advanced historical dataDoesn’t have advanced historical data
Option Data availableNo data for options lot is available

Yahoo Finance vs Google Finance – Which One Should You Use?

Well, it’s completely an individual choice and mainly depends on the use of the portal. If you just want to check the current stock price then Google Finance will do. But if you really want to track the stock price movement and your portfolio, you must use Yahoo Finance.

Yahoo Finance has many advanced features like versatile stock charts, portfolio service, mobile app, and so on. Google Finance is a minimal and clean portal that offers basic stock data. But if you are more interested in finance would certainly want more than this.

A lot of the users are still on Yahoo because of this, and also because there is more detailed information (especially on a penny and over-the-counter stocks).

Google Finance never built a community around the site.

Google Finance and Yahoo Finance serve the same purposes for most users, so people will default to the one that offers a superior user experience.

Yahoo Finance and Google Finance are two popular online financial platforms that offer users access to real-time stock quotes, financial news, and other financial data. Here are some key differences between the two:

  1. User interface: Yahoo Finance has a more user-friendly interface, with easy-to-use navigation and a clear layout. Google Finance has a more complex interface, with a lot of information packed onto each page.
  2. News and analysis: Both platforms offer news and analysis on financial markets and individual stocks, but Yahoo Finance tends to have more in-depth articles and analysis.
  3. Investment tools: Yahoo Finance offers a range of investment tools, including stock screeners, stock ratings, and stock comparison tools. Google Finance offers fewer investment tools, but it does offer a customizable stock portfolio feature.
  4. Mobile apps: Both platforms offer mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, but Yahoo Finance’s app is generally considered to be more user-friendly.
  5. Integration with other services: Google Finance is integrated with other Google services, such as Google Search and Google Sheets, making it easy to access financial data from within these platforms. Yahoo Finance has fewer integrations with other services.

In summary, Yahoo Finance and Google Finance both offer a range of financial data and analysis, but Yahoo Finance is generally considered to be more user-friendly and offer more in-depth analysis, while Google Finance offers integration with other Google services and a customizable portfolio feature. Ultimately, which platform is better for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.


Looking at the various features both the platform offers, it is coming out that Yahoo Finance is far better than Google Finance. So the winner between Yahoo Finance vs Google Finance is Yahoo Finance.

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