Money can buy happiness (2 min read)

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  1. kamunyu says:

    We all want to try for ourselves if money does, would or could make us happy.

    • There is a direct or indirect linkage of money with our happiness.

      • kamunyu says:

        Very true. It has to do with our reward centers on the brain. It is something we learn where money is used as a means to an end. Happiness is not long lasting and has highs and lows with or without money. With money we could create the artificial highs in more direct ways I suppose.

  2. psiberite says:

    Your insight into the necessity of money is absolutely right. Mammon is needed in today’s society. Anand Bose from Kerala

  3. Great post! Loved it…words of wisdom!!!

  4. Nishat Mahmud says:

    Love this post and your blog!
    Keep sharing with us. ?

  5. great post id love to give it a try !!

  6. Pauline.C says:

    I believe that it depends on where the person places his Faith. Placing your faith in money can guarantee the best care you could have, but at the end of the day you still get to die. Why not placing your faith on the one who creates everything: God. He is Happiness and the provider of all things!

  7. Money CAN buy happiness; but that happiness is often short-lived. We NEED money for necessities, sure, but it’s the WANTS that need to be re-considered.

  8. Callie says:

    I understand your position and there are merits to it. Such as comparing the cost of a salad (at home or out) compared to a burger. However its about moderation and balance. Money, work, friends, hobbies… any of these that serve as goals rather than an means to an end, already misses the boat.

  9. ramiz says:

    ohh money cant buy hapiness and health 🙂

  10. That’s a great article, but I would say that the topic is quite controversial. There is no one opinion for that, it all depends.

    Cheers, Eliza |

  11. This is a great post! I have always thought this. Like you said, happiness isn’t completely derived from money, but plays a big part! I am not super financial stable and I definitely deal with depression and anxiety because of it. Thanks for sharing!

  12. abhinav says:

    Well, its open for debate and you have put your points nicely. Global perspective on money can differ but in the same breath, I agree that money is the means to a lot of things.But all happiness is not derived from money.

  13. Enjoyed reading your perspective on this. We believe that money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy experiences that then do make us happy, so in a way, money does buy happiness. Great read 🙂

  14. echoesofhervoice says:

    You raise interesting points. There are ups and downs to money issues and regardless of whether one has more or less, there comes a point when it can cause problems. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Correctly stated. Money can’t buy happiness but it resolves many issues. After crying in Mercedes is better than crying on a bicycle 😀

  16. Such a Wonderful Article..

  17. Money is a tool which is must for everyone. I like your perspective

  18. Pammy says:

    Money makes life so easy and it is a powerful tool, but it cannot buy your complete happiness.

    Pammy –

  19. JD Obedoza says:

    Money can buy bacon. Bacon = Happyness! Bacon is life!

  20. When I just got married, both of us lost of job so we were really short of money. We adjust our spending and that make us closer than ever. It was still straining though. We were so glad we got out from that situation now. But we also realise we never change our way of spending eventhough we have a lot more now, because we were happy eventhough we didn’t have much. We had lots of time together.

  21. Jhilmil says:

    That’s true, poverty doesn’t leads you anywhere ! Money is must even for maintaining healthy relations !

  22. Interesting perspective. I would agree that money can facilitate happiness to a degree. It’s a tool, and that tool can be used however we sit fit to improve our lives, thus creating a sense of happiness.

  23. Interesting article! I agree that money can buy happiness. But I have a little different perspective than the Mercedes analogy. I’d rather cry in a car that is paid off than in a car that I owe money on! (I write about minimalism) 🙂 Good insights and money does absolutely give you buying power.

  24. I was intrigued by the title and your post and upon reading it, I can say that you are correct in some ways. I guess different lifestyle matters too.

  25. mindyvoet says:

    I felt the need to click due to the title. I have been disagreeing with the statement of it not buying happiness but you are absolutely correct. I know I’d be happier if I didn’t have so much debt! It’s not making it important or buying ridiculous things, it’s about being in a comfortable place to enjoy life.

  26. agreed. i think money can’t buy happiness for SOME things. like yes, we’re happy when we’re hanging out with family and friends and everyone knows money can’t buy happiness there, but as a stay at home mother, no income, the kids dad going out and pays for EVERYTHING and have him throw that in the mothers face…that’s when money can buy happiness.

  27. This is an interesting perspective.

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