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IPO Allotment Status: Here you will find the details about how to find the IPO allotment. Not only that, you will also find the allotment link through which you can check the allotment status of IPO. There are 2 registrar Linkintime and KFintech for main board IPOs. SME IPO allotment status can be check on their respective registrar’s website.

Check IPO Allotment Status 2023

Here is the list of the current IPO both main board and SME for which you want to check the IPO allotment status. The link for the status check is given against each IPO name. Just click on the link and it will direct you to the IPO allotment status page. Where you can input certain details to check the IPO allotment status.

Check IPO Allotment

Company NameAllotmentAllotment Link
Arvind And Company19-10-2023Check Allotment
Committed Cargo13-10-2023Check Allotment
One Click Logistics09-10-2023Check Allotment
Plaza Wires Limited09-10-2023Check Allotment
Vishnusurya Projects09-10-2023Check Allotment
Vivaa Tradecom Limited09-10-2023Check Allotment
Sharp Chucks09-10-2023Check Allotment
Plada Infotech09-10-2023Check Allotment
Karnika Industries09-10-2023Check Allotment
Akanksha Power09-10-2023Check Allotment
Valiant Laboratories06-10-2023Check Allotment
E Factor Experiences06-10-2023Check Allotment
Vinyas Innovative06-10-2023Check Allotment
Canarys Automations06-10-2023Check Allotment
City Crops Agro05-10-2023Check Allotment
Kontor Space Limited05-10-2023Check Allotment
Goyal Salt05-10-2023Check Allotment
Updater Services04-10-2023Check Allotment
Sunita Tools04-10-2023Check Allotment
NewJaisa Technologies04-10-2023Check Allotment
Organic Recycing03-10-2023Check Allotment
Saakshi Medtech03-10-2023Check Allotment
Inspire Films Limited03-10-2023Check Allotment
Digikore Studios03-10-2023Check Allotment
JSW Infrastructure03-10-2023Check Allotment
Arabian Petroleum03-10-2023Check Allotment
Manoj Vaibhav Gems29-09-2023Check Allotment
Marco Cables28-09-2023Check Allotment
Master Components26-09-2023Check Allotment
Mangalam Alloys28-09-2023Check Allotment
Hi-Green Carbon28-09-2023Check Allotment
Manoj Vaibhav Gems29-09-2023Check Allotment
Signature Global27-09-2023Check Allotment
Sai Silks Kalamandir27-09-2023Check Allotment
Kody Technolab25-09-2023Check Allotment
Madhusudan Masala26-09-2023Check Allotment
Yatra Online Limited25-09-2023Check Allotment
Rishabh Instruments06-09-2023Check Allotment
Ratnaveer Precession08-09-2023Check Allotment
Basilic Fly Studio08-09-2023PurvaShare Allotment Link
Jupiter Life Line Hospital13-09-2023Check Allotment
Kahan Packaging Limited13-09-2023Check Allotment
Meson Valves15-09-2023Check AllotmentCheck Allotment
Unihealth Consultancy15-09-2023Bigshare Allotment Link
Jiwanram Sheoduttrai15-09-2023Check Allotment
EMS Limited15-09-2023Check Allotment
Chavda Infra20-09-2023Check Allotment
Samhi Hotels Limited22-09-2023Check Allotment
R R Kable Limited18-09-2023Check Allotment
Kundan Edifice21-09-2023Check Allotment
Zaggle Prepaid Ocean22-09-2023Check Allotment
Cellecor Gadgets Limited25-09-2023Check Allotment

You can also keep a tab on the IPO allotment dates by check our IPO Calendar. You can add this Google calendar to your phone and you will be notified for the daily event like IPO offer (open and close dates), IPO allotment, IPO listing.

Here is the link to check the Unihealth Consultancy IPO GMP price today.

The IPO Allotment Process

Setting the Price Range

One critical step in the IPO process is determining the price range at which shares will be offered. This is a delicate balance between maximizing proceeds for the company and providing value to investors.

Building Investor Interest

Before the actual offering, the company and its underwriters engage in a roadshow to generate interest among potential investors. These roadshows involve presentations and meetings with institutional investors.

The Subscription Period

Once the IPO is announced, there is a subscription period during which investors can place their orders. This period can range from a few days to several weeks, depending on the offering’s size and complexity.

Allocation of Shares

After the subscription period closes, the underwriters allocate shares to various categories of investors, including institutional investors, retail investors, and employees.

Listing on Stock Exchanges

Finally, the company’s shares are listed on stock exchanges, making them tradable for the public. This marks the completion of the IPO process.

The Investor’s Perspective

How Can You Participate?

As an individual investor, you can participate in an IPO through your brokerage account. During the subscription period, you can place an order for the number of shares you wish to purchase.

The Allotment Outcome

The allocation of shares in an IPO can be a nerve-wracking moment. Not all investors may receive the quantity of shares they applied for, as it depends on various factors, including demand and the number of shares available.


In conclusion, the IPO allotment process is a fascinating journey that transforms a private company into a publicly-traded entity. It involves meticulous planning, regulatory compliance, and the allocation of shares to various investors. As you consider investing in IPOs, remember that the process can be competitive, but it offers an exciting opportunity to become a shareholder in companies you believe in.

IPO Allotment FAQs

What is the minimum investment required to participate in an IPO?

The minimum investment required to participate in an IPO varies from one offering to another. It is typically determined by the price of one share and any lot size requirements set by the company.

Can I sell my allotted shares immediately after the IPO?

In most cases, there is a lock-up period after an IPO, during which you cannot sell your allotted shares. This period is intended to stabilize the stock’s price.

How are shares allocated to retail investors versus institutional investors?

The allocation of shares is typically based on a predetermined formula that considers both retail and institutional investor demand. Retail investors may receive a smaller portion compared to institutional investors.

What happens if the IPO is oversubscribed?

If an IPO is oversubscribed, it means that there is more demand for shares than there are shares available. In such cases, the allotment may be pro-rata, and investors may receive a reduced quantity of shares.

Are IPO investments risky?

Like all investments, IPOs carry inherent risks. It’s essential to thoroughly research the company, understand its financials, and assess its long-term prospects before investing in an IPO.

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