IPO Subscription Status, Live IPO Subscription

IPO Subscription Status shows the number of times the IPO is subscribed for QIB, HNI & Retail investors. Mainboard IPO remain open for subscription for usually 3 working days, while SME IPO remains open for 4-5 days. Here you will get the latest and updated information about the IPO subscription. We update this space on a daily basis to give you the up-to-date information about IPO subscription.

Current IPO Subscription Status

IPO Subscription

Company NameStatusQIBNIIRIITotal
Arvind And CompanyLive-11.7721.4018.59
Committed CargoClosed-91.5177.2785.70
Plaza WiresClosed42.84388.10374.81160.98
Vishnusurya ProjectsClosed-28.1643.6340.03
Sharp ChucksClosed-32.9263.9651.28
Plada InfotechClosed-37.8073.7856.83
Karnika IndustriesClosed-3.322.913.12
Vivaa TradecomClosed-0.872.861.86
Vinyas InnovativeClosed42.7495.5221.2743.31
Oneclick LogisticsClosed-84.82143.21116.18
Canarys AutomationClosed1.9818.4211.709.55
E Factor ExperiencesClosed46.09168.6147.7873.21
Kontor SpaceClosed-37.4195.4968.74
Valiant LaboratoriesClosed20.8373.6316.0529.75
Goyal SaltClosed67.20285.97377.97274.45
Sunita ToolsClosed-5.4921.1013.30
City Crops AgroClosed-1.651.551.60
JSW InfrastructureClosed57.0915.9910.3137.37
Saakshi MedtechClosed37.35201.0875.8891.72
Inspire FilmsClosed25.20147.51180.41129.04
NewJaisa TechnologiesClosed1.0215.696.546.93
Digikore StudiosClosed65.63363.40370.17281.73
Arabian PetroleumClosed-14.8223.1919.51
Updater ServicesClosed4.480.851.362.90
Manoj Vaibhav GemsClosed1.065.181.662.25
Organic RecyclingClosed-4.392.213.30
Mangalam AlloysClosed-2.518.735.62
Marco CablesClosed-22.2835.2429.86
Hi-Green CarbonClosed69.95236.80196.34168.95
Sai Silks KalamandirClosed12.172.540.914.47
Signature GlobalClosed13.3714.247.1712.50
Techknowgreen SolutionsClosed-9.0815.8012.96
Master ComponentsClosed-5.8910.118.20
Madhusudan MasalaClosed-574.08592.22444.12
Cellecor GadgetsClosed57.58176.89124.08116.41
Holmarc Opto-MechatronicsClosed-90.8075.7884.58
Kody Technolab LimitedClosed-32.8953.5647.41
Yatra Online LimitedClosed2.050.422.111.61
Samhi Hotels LimitedClosed8.821.221.115.33
Zaggle Prepaid Ocean ServicesClosed16.738.855.9412.57

IPO Subscription Status, Live IPO Subscription: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s fast-paced financial world, staying informed about the latest Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and their subscription status is crucial for investors. IPOs present exciting opportunities to invest in emerging companies, but understanding their subscription status and making informed decisions is essential. In this article, we will delve into the world of IPO subscription status, providing a comprehensive guide for both novice and experienced investors.

Understanding IPOs and Their Significance

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) marks the first time a company’s shares become available for public purchase on the stock market. It signifies a company’s transition from being privately owned to becoming publicly traded. IPOs are significant because they offer investors an opportunity to invest in promising companies at an early stage, potentially reaping substantial profits if the company performs well.

The IPO Subscription Process

Filling the IPO Application

Investors interested in IPOs must complete an IPO application form provided by the company. This form contains essential details like the number of shares applied for, investor category, and payment information.

ASBA: The Key to IPO Applications

ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount) is a crucial system that ensures funds for the IPO are blocked in the investor’s bank account, preventing misuse of funds. It simplifies the application process and provides security to investors.

Categories of IPO Investors

IPOs categorize investors into different groups, including retail investors, non-institutional investors, and qualified institutional buyers. Each category has a specific allocation of shares, and the criteria for each group vary.

  • Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB): Financial Institutions, Banks, FIIs, and Mutual Funds
  • Non-Institutional Investors(NII): Individual Investors, NRIs, Companies, Trusts, etc.
  • Retail Individual Investors (RII): Retail Individual Investors or NRIs
  • Employee (EMP): Eligible Employees
  • Others: Eligible Shareholders

Live IPO Subscription: Tracking the Demand

Bidding and Allotment

Investors participate in the IPO by bidding for shares at a specific price. The subscription period typically lasts for a few days. After closure, allotment is made, and shares are distributed accordingly.

Retail vs. Non-Retail Categories

Retail investors often receive a specific portion of shares reserved for them. Non-retail categories may include institutional investors, high-net-worth individuals, and others. Understanding these categories is crucial for allocation expectations.

Employee Quota and Reserved Categories

Some IPOs reserve a portion of shares for employees or specific groups, such as existing shareholders. These reserved categories may influence overall demand and subscription numbers.

Past IPO Subscription Status

IPO NameStatusQIB [x]NII [x]RII [x]Total [x]
Organic Recycling SystemUpcoming
JSW InfrastructureUpcoming
Manoj Vaibhav GemsUpcoming
Marco Cable & ConductorsUpcoming
Mangalam AlloysUpcoming
Hi-Green CarbonUpcoming
Signature GlobalUpcoming
Sai Silks KalamandirUpcoming
Kody TechnolabOpen0.631.901.27
Madhusudan MasalaUpcoming
Holmarc Opto-MechatronicsOpen0.362.431.39
Yatra Online LimitedOpen0.000.030.560.11
Cellecor Gadgets LimitedOpen1.013.451.94
Zaggle Prepaid Ocean ServicesOpen0.000.291.910.43
Chavda InfraClosed95.10242.32202.07180.13
Kundan EdificeOpen3.2016.179.69
R R Kable LimitedClosed52.2613.232.1318.69
Unihealth Consultancy LimitedClosed5.9738.0024.6117.30
Samhi Hotels LimitedOpen0.000.070.580.13
Jiwanram SheoduttraiClosed65.17151.60110.70
Meson Valves IndiaClosed144.40203.02173.71
EMS LimitedClosed153.0282.3229.7975.28
Jupiter Life Line HospitalClosed187.3234.757.7363.72
Kahan Packaging LimitedClosedNA416.191044.82730.51
Basilic Fly StudioClosed116.34549.26413357.46
Rishabh InstrumentsClosed72.5431.298.4331.65
Ratnaveer Precision EngineeringClosed135.05135.1953.9393.95

Factors Influencing IPO Subscription

Company Reputation and Financials

Investors should conduct thorough research on the company’s financials, management, and market potential. A strong company with a promising future is likely to attract higher subscription numbers.

Market Conditions and Sentiment

Market sentiment and conditions play a significant role in IPO subscription. Bull markets tend to see higher subscription levels, while bear markets may result in lower interest. IPO GMP also play a major role in IPO process and affect the individual sentiment about the investment in the IPO.

Subscription Data Interpretation

Interpreting subscription data is essential. Oversubscription, where the demand exceeds the available shares, can indicate high investor confidence. However, it may lead to allocation challenges.

Tips for Successful IPO Investing

Researching the Company

Investors should delve into the company’s business model, competitive landscape, and growth prospects. Informed decisions are key to successful IPO investments.

Timing Your Investment

Choosing the right time to invest in an IPO is critical. Market dynamics and timing can significantly impact the performance of IPO stocks.

Risk Management Strategies

Investors should have risk management strategies in place, including setting stop-loss orders and diversifying their portfolios to manage potential losses.

The Role of SEBI in IPO Regulation

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) plays a pivotal role in regulating IPOs to protect investor interests. SEBI sets guidelines and monitors compliance to ensure a fair and transparent process.

IPO Subscription Status Websites and Tools

Numerous online platforms and financial news websites offer real-time updates on IPO subscription status. Investors can utilize these resources to stay informed.

Investing in IPOs: Pros and Cons

While IPOs offer significant potential for profit, they also come with risks. Prospective investors should weigh the advantages and disadvantages carefully.

Case Studies: Notable IPO Success Stories

Examining past IPO success stories can provide valuable insights into what makes an IPO investment successful. Here is the list of past IPO performance for your ready reference.

Risks Associated with Over-Subscription

Investors should be aware of the risks associated with over-subscription, as it may affect the allotment process and lead to partial allocation.

IPO Subscription Scams and How to Avoid Them

Unfortunately, there are instances of IPO subscription scams. Investors must stay vigilant and follow best practices to avoid falling victim to fraudulent schemes.

Conclusion: Making Informed IPO Investments

In conclusion, staying updated on IPO subscription status and understanding the nuances of the IPO process is essential for making informed investment decisions. By conducting thorough research, assessing market conditions, and managing risks effectively, investors can enhance their chances of success in the world of IPOs.

FAQs on IPO Subscription

How can I check the IPO subscription status?

You can check the IPO subscription status on the official website of the stock exchange or through financial news websites. You can check this post for latest and updated IPO subscription status. Many brokerage platforms also provide this information.

What is the significance of oversubscription?

Oversubscription indicates high demand for an IPO. While it reflects investor confidence, it can lead to a competitive allotment process, and not all applicants may receive their desired allocation.

Can I withdraw my IPO application?

Yes, you can withdraw your IPO application before the closure of the IPO bidding period. However, check the specific withdrawal rules of the IPO you are applying for.

Are IPOs suitable for short-term trading?

While some investors may engage in short-term trading of IPO stocks, it’s important to remember that IPO investments should ideally align with your long-term financial goals and strategy.

How can I participate in an Employee Quota IPO?

To participate in an Employee Quota IPO, you typically need to be an employee of the company issuing the IPO. Specific eligibility criteria and application procedures may vary, so consult the IPO prospectus for details.

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