Alternative to Savings

There are other ways of paying for some of the things you might want to save for. You might want to consider whether any of these would be a better option for you than saving. These include: 1 insurance 2 state benefits 3 borrowing money 4 selling things you own. There are pros and cons … Read more

EPF Balance check on Mobile – The Complete Guide

EPF balance check on mobile

If you are looking for how to do epf balance check on mobile? This is how you can do pf balance check. The employee can also check their epf balance on mobile. Are you a salaried employee? Then you must be getting a salary slip every month. There is a deduction called employee provident fund … Read more

5 Whys of spending 

We are living in an impatient era. Technology has made spending easy. We search, we tap, we swipe, we click and that’s it! Going forward fin-tech will make it easier to spend money. It seems like an ease of purchasing stuff without going to shops or malls. It saves us time, but on the other … Read more

Advance PF Withdrawal Process [Fastest]

advance pf withdrawal

Today, I will tell you the process of advance PF withdrawal through the online EPFO portal. Yes, you read it right. Now you can withdraw up to 100% of your PF amount as an advance. Here Advance means you can withdraw the PF while you are still on the job and your provident fund is … Read more

How Can I Make A Good Budget?

make a good budget

Introduction Creating a good budget is an essential skill that can help individuals manage their finances effectively. Whether you want to save money, pay off debt, or achieve specific financial goals, having a well-planned budget is crucial. In this article, we will explore the steps to make a good budget that works for you and … Read more

SBI senior citizen saving scheme

Senior citizen saving scheme

The SBI Senior Citizen Saving Scheme is a special savings scheme designed specifically for senior citizens in India. This scheme was introduced by the Government of India in 2004 to provide financial security and stability to senior citizens. In this article, we will discuss the SBI Senior Citizen Saving Scheme in detail, including its benefits, … Read more

How to Save Money from Salary?

save money from salary

Saving money from your salary is an essential aspect of financial planning. It helps you to achieve your financial goals and provides a sense of security in times of need. However, saving money can be challenging, especially if you are living in a country like India where the cost of living is high, and inflation … Read more

EPFiGMS – Employee Provident Fund Grievance Management System


EPFiGMS is the grievance portal of EPF with an aim to redress the grievance of EPFO services. Recently, I had checked my EPF passbook and found that the interest for FY 2021-22 is still not credited into my passbook. The cut off date for interest calculation is 31st March 2022, and today we are sitting … Read more

Financial advice for young Indians

young generation

Financial Advice for young Indians If you are in your twenties, this article is for you. Rewind your life and count how many years you have invested for your academic degree? Most of us have given 20+ years to earn a degree which hardly helps us to stand on our feet. I am not saying … Read more

Government Saving Schemes will not make you rich

saving key things to do

There are various government saving schemes available in India that individuals can invest in to save for their future financial needs. Some of the popular government saving schemes in India include: These are some of the popular government saving schemes available in India. It is important to understand the terms and conditions of each scheme … Read more

Save Money or Sink

Life is all about probability. Every event in our life is uncertain until it actually occurs. You must have heated “Saving for rainy days”. There is a probability that rainy days will come in our life or may not come. We have to be prepared in case it happens. If we don’t save for rainy … Read more

Forgot UAN Number? Here is What Should You Do

forgot uan number

The Universal Account Number (UAN) is a unique number allotted by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) to every employee enrolled in the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) scheme. This number helps employees to manage their EPF account easily and provides access to various services like checking EPF balance, transferring funds, updating personal details, and more. … Read more