Tata Coffee – Dark Horse Series – 3


Introduction Coffee is grown in the regions with the rainfall of 2500 to 4000mm rainfall in a spread of 100 days. This is followed by the dry period of the same duration. This is suitable for the coffee growing areas for the cultivation of different varieties of coffee. Key Markets and Export Destinations India is … Read more

Nelcast Limited – Dark Horse Series – 5

It is an auto ancillairy company which produces and sells ductile iron castings and grey iron castings worldwide. We are talking about the Nelcast Limited. Company Financial It has an equity base of just Rs.17.40crore that is supported by reserves of around Rs.329 crores, the debt on the company is just 73.41crores 74.59% Promotor Holding, … Read more

GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd. – Dark Horse Series – 1

From the top

GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd. is one of the biggest infrastructure company in India. On the business front, they are doing good business. Their revenues from operation is increasing year on year. Their OPM(Operating Profit Margin) is positive for last 10 years. However, the net profit is negative since there is a huge burden of … Read more

Meghmani Organics – Dark Horse Series – 4


Meghmani Organics is the Gujarat based specialty chemicals company engaged in the manufacturing and sale of: Pigments (14% market shares in pigment industry) Agrochemicals (4th largest caustic chlorine player in India) Basic chemicals (Export amounting to 53% of total sales) The company exports its products to 75 countries worldwide. Background of the company 1986: Began … Read more

Torrent Power Limited – Dark Horse Series – 2

Torrent Power Limited is one of the leading brands in the Indian power sector. With an all-around experience in generation, transmission, and distribution of power, and a proven track record of implementing large power projects, the Company is the most experienced private sector player in Gujarat. The Company is also engaged in manufacturing and supply … Read more

Astral Ltd. Made a millionaire in 15 years by investing one lakh rupees

astral ltd

The company’s consolidated revenue grew 73 per cent year-on-year to Rs.1213 crore in the June quarter. The company’s revenue from pipes, adhesives and paints has increased significantly. Sharekhan gave a buy rating to Astral Ltd with a target price of Rs 2,300. Astral Ltd Astral Ltd. is a major name in manufacturing PVC and CPVC … Read more