The financial philosophy

Financial philosophy

It’s still 26 k.m. we have to cover to reach our office. We are already getting late and Rihan is as usual driving a car like a bullock cart. The volume of the radio is quite high and looks like he is ignoring me. I felt like I should get off the car and push it from the back so that we can reach the office on time. That’s why I hate carpooling especially with the lazy guy like Rihan, though he is my best friend and colleague.

We stopped at the traffic signal at the crossroad. Inside, from the car, I saw a boy running from one car to another for few bucks to feed himself and his little sister sitting aside at the footpath. The boy was about 12-14 years old. The boy has approached us as soon as our eyes met. I can see high hope in his eyes. He knocked on our car window on the driver side. He begged for few bucks with lots of agony and pain.

Rihan had looked at me and taken out his wallet and pull one green note of Rs. 100. I said to him that I don’t have change and time as well. I told Rihan, “ You are wasting time, we are getting late for the office.” Before I say anything further, he had lowered the glass of the window and I was quite astonished by seeing him giving Rs. 100 to that boy. Rihan looked at me and smiled.

That boy was so happy with the reward he earns as a result of his efforts. I can see a smile and feeling of happiness on that boy’s face. He quickly ran away to his sister and showed her the note. Her sister also joined the party. He turned around and waved his hand to us with a gratitude.
By that time our signal turns green and we have started. Now I was so angry on Rihan as we were getting late for the office and on the top of it he gave away Rs. 100 to that unknown boy? I remember Rihan has refused to buy a coffee for me but today, he gave away Rs.100 to that boy?

How could he do this to me? – I was talking to myself for a minute. He was a busy driving car and listening to stupid music. (at that moment when your best friend betray you, soothing music also feels like stupid).
I broke the silence and asked him why he has given Rs. 100 to that boy?
Rihan: “Just like that”

Me: “What? what do you mean by just like that?”

he smiled and asked, ”Do you remember how much money you had in your wallet last Monday?”

Me: “Nope, I don’t keep a daily record of my wallet”

Rihan: “So as I. I don’t remember that Rs,100 was in my wallet today morning” he smiled again.

I was in a coma for a moment. couldn’t get what he was trying to convey.

Suddenly it strikes me…
Oh God! “You mean to say as if you don’t have that money in your wallet at all?”
Hence there is no feeling of losing it in your heart. That’s why you are able to give it so generously.

More than a hundred thoughts have crossed my mind till we reach our office, That day I learned that I have nothing to lose if I don’t own it, It’s all in the mind!!!

Rihan said, “By the way, we will go for a coffee in the evening”

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