Vivaa Tradecom IPO GMP, Grey Market Premium Today

Vivaa Tradecom IPO GMP Today: Take a look at the current Grey Market Premium (GMP) for the Vivaa Tradecom IPO. The Grey Market Premium for Vivaa Tradecom IPO has recently been updated. Keep an eye out for the most up-to-date IPO GMP figures for this company.

Vivaa Tradecom IPO Details: The scheduled date for Vivaa Tradecom IPO has been confirmed. The IPO is set to enter the market on September 29th and conclude on October 4th. The company aims to gather approximately ₹7.99 crores through this IPO. This sum includes a fresh issue of ₹7.99 crores via 1566000 shares, each valued at ₹10. The retail quota is 50% and HNI is 50%.

Vivaa Tradecom IPO GMP Today

29 September
28 September

Vivaa Tradecom IPO GMP FAQs

What is Vivaa Tradecom IPO GMP today?

The GMP for Vivaa Tradecom IPO GMP is Rs.___

What is the expected return for Vivaa Tradecom IPO GMP?

The expected return of the Vivaa Tradecom is around ___%.

Should I stay invested in Vivaa Tradecom for long term?

It depends on your financial goal and time horizon. Also look at your risk appetite while investing in to any IPO.

When will Vivaa Tradecom IPO be listed?

The listing date for Vivaa Tradecom IPO GMP is 9th October 2023.

What is Grey Market Premium?

The Grey Market Premium (GMP) is a term used in the context of the stock market, particularly during the initial public offering (IPO) process. It refers to the difference between the unofficial market price of a newly issued IPO share in the grey market and its official issue price. The grey market, in this context, is an informal and over-the-counter market where investors trade shares before they are officially listed on the stock exchange.
In simpler terms, the Grey Market Premium indicates the premium or discount at which IPO shares are trading in the unofficial market before their official listing. A positive GMP implies that there is a demand for the IPO shares at a price higher than the issue price, while a negative GMP suggests a discount.
Investors often monitor the Grey Market Premium as an indicator of market sentiment and demand for a particular IPO. It can provide insights into how the stock might perform once officially listed on the exchange. However, it’s essential to note that Grey Market trading is unofficial, and the actual stock performance post-listing may differ from the indications in the Grey Market.

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