IPO GMP, Latest IPO Grey Market Premium

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) are pivotal events in a company’s journey towards becoming a publicly traded entity. One critical aspect that investors and market enthusiasts closely monitor is the IPO GMP, which stands for Grey Market Premium. Here is the latest GMP prices for today.

Current IPO GMP Today

Here is the list of the current IPO GMP price as on today for the upcoming IPO with listing gain.


Company NameIPO GMPIPO PriceGMP %
Arvind And Company ₹ 14₹ 4531%
Committed Cargo₹ 15₹ 7719%
Inspire Films₹ 15₹ 5925%
Digikore Studios₹ 80₹ 17147%
Plada Infotech₹ 10₹ 4821%
Karnika Industries₹ 20₹ 7626%
Arabian Petroleum₹ 05₹ 707%
Sharp Chucks₹ 15₹ 5826%
Updater Services₹ 300
Sunita Tools₹ 20₹ 14514%
Oneclick Logistics₹ 45₹ 9945%
City Crops Agro₹ 2₹ 258%
Valiant Laboratories₹ 25₹ 14018%
E Factor Experiences₹ 25₹ 7533%
Vinyas Innovative₹ 45₹ 16527%
Canarys Automation₹ 5₹ 3116%
Kontor Space₹ 5₹ 935%
Plaza Wires₹23₹ 5443%
Vishnusurya Projects₹ 20₹ 6829%
Meson Valves India₹ 95₹ 10293%
Unihealth Consultancy₹ 18₹ 13213%
Chavda Infra₹ 60₹ 6592%
Kundan Edifice₹ 5₹ 915%
R R Kabel₹ 95₹ 10359%
Samhi Hotels₹ 8₹ 1264%
Zaggle Prepaid₹ 11₹ 1646.5%
Cellecor Gadgets₹ 50₹ 9255%
Holmarc Opto-Mechatronics₹ 27₹ 4066%
Kody Technolab₹ 37₹ 16023%
Yatra Online₹ 142
Madhusudan Masala₹ 60₹ 7085%
Master Components₹ 10₹ 1408%
Techknowgreen Solutions₹5₹ 866%
Sai Silks Kalamandir₹7₹ 2223%
Signature Global₹ 41₹ 38510%
Hi-Green Carbon₹ 60₹ 7580%
Mangalam Alloys₹ 18₹ 8022%
Marco Cables₹ 10₹ 3626%
Manoj Vaibhav Gems₹ 15₹ 2157%
JSW Infrastructure₹ 18₹ 11915%
Organic Recycling₹ 10₹ 2005%
Saakshi Medtech₹ 30₹ 9730%
Goyal Salt₹20₹3853%
EMS Limited₹100₹21147%
NewJaisa Technologies₹05₹ 4711%

What is IPO GMP?

IPO GMP, or Grey Market Premium, represents the difference between the expected IPO price and the market price of the shares before they are officially listed on the stock exchange. It is an unofficial market where investors speculate on the potential price movement of the company’s shares post-listing.

The Basics of IPO GMP

Now, let’s break down the concept of IPO Grey Market Premium (GMP). IPO GMP is essentially the difference between the market price of an IPO share in the grey market and its issue price. The grey market, in this context, refers to the unofficial market where IPO shares are traded before they are officially listed on stock exchanges. In simpler terms, it’s a measure of the demand and perceived value of an IPO before it enters the public domain.

Calculating IPO GMP

Calculating IPO GMP involves comparing the price at which IPO shares are being traded in the grey market to the issue price set by the company. The formula for IPO GMP is as follows:

IPO GMP = Grey Market Price – Issue Price

If the IPO GMP is positive, it indicates that there is a premium on the shares in the grey market, meaning investors are willing to pay more than the official issue price. Conversely, if the GMP is negative, it suggests that the shares are trading at a discount.

Why IPO GMP Matters

IPO GMP serves several crucial purposes in the world of finance:

1. Investor Sentiment Gauge

IPO GMP reflects the sentiment and demand among investors for a particular IPO. A high GMP signifies strong interest, while a low or negative GMP may indicate skepticism or lukewarm interest.

2. Pricing Strategy

Companies and underwriters use IPO GMP as a valuable tool to fine-tune the pricing of IPO shares. If the GMP is exceptionally high, they may consider increasing the issue price to capture more capital.

3. Investment Decision-Making

Investors often use IPO GMP as a factor in their decision-making process. A positive GMP could suggest potential for short-term gains, while a negative GMP might lead some investors to wait for more favorable conditions.

Factors Influencing IPO GMP

Several factors can influence the IPO Grey Market Premium:

1. Company Reputation

Established and reputable companies often command a higher GMP as they are perceived as safer investments.

2. Market Conditions

Overall market conditions, economic factors, and investor sentiment can significantly impact GMP.

3. Industry Trends

Investor interest in specific industries can lead to variations in GMP. Hot sectors may see higher premiums.

The Risks of Relying on IPO GMP

While IPO GMP can provide valuable insights, it’s essential to recognize its limitations. Investing solely based on GMP can be risky, as it doesn’t guarantee future performance. Market conditions can change rapidly, and a high GMP today doesn’t necessarily mean the same tomorrow.

The Significance of IPO GMP

IPO GMP serves as a barometer of market sentiment towards an upcoming IPO. A high GMP indicates strong demand and positive market perceptions, while a low or negative GMP suggests the opposite. Companies often gauge investor interest through the GMP and may adjust their offering price accordingly.

Factors Influencing IPO GMP

Several factors contribute to determining the IPO GMP, including the company’s financial performance, growth prospects, industry trends, overall market conditions, and even macroeconomic factors. Additionally, investor sentiment and market speculation play a crucial role.

Calculating IPO GMP

IPO GMP is calculated as the difference between the grey market price of the shares and the IPO price, expressed as a percentage. For example, if the grey market price is Rs.150 and the IPO price is Rs.120, the GMP would be 25%.

IPO GMP vs. IPO Price

It’s important to distinguish between IPO GMP and the actual IPO price. The GMP reflects market expectations and demand dynamics, while the IPO price is determined by the company and its underwriters based on valuation, financials, and other relevant factors.

Understanding the Role of Market Perceptions

Market perceptions heavily influence IPO GMP. Positive news, strong industry trends, and investor enthusiasm can lead to a higher GMP. Conversely, negative news or uncertain market conditions may result in a lower GMP.

Managing Volatility through IPO GMP

IPOs can be volatile post-listing. A higher GMP might lead to an initial surge in share prices, which can stabilize or decline over time. Investors use the GMP as a tool to assess potential volatility and make informed decisions.

Implications for Investors

Investors often view a high IPO GMP as an opportunity for quick gains. However, it’s important to note that GMP doesn’t guarantee post-listing performance. Thorough research into the company’s fundamentals is essential before making investment decisions.

IPO GMP and Company Valuation

IPO GMP indirectly reflects market opinions about a company’s valuation. A consistently high GMP over several IPOs might indicate a trend of overvaluation, while a low GMP could suggest undervaluation.

Analyzing Historical Data

Studying historical IPO GMP data can provide insights into market trends and investor behavior. Patterns of GMP in specific industries or market conditions can help predict future GMP movements.

Strategies for Dealing with High IPO GMP

For companies experiencing high GMP, there are strategies to manage investor expectations and avoid potential backlash. Communicating the rationale behind pricing decisions and addressing market concerns can be beneficial.

Risks Associated with IPO GMP

Relying solely on IPO GMP as an investment criterion carries risks. Market sentiment can change rapidly, and GMP might not accurately predict post-listing performance.

Comparing IPOs with Differing GMPs

Comparing IPOs with high GMPs against those with lower GMPs can offer insights into market preferences, industry trends, and investor sentiments.


In the intricate world of IPOs, IPO GMP stands as a fascinating indicator of market sentiments and expectations. As investors navigate through the complexities of the financial market, understanding IPO GMP can empower them to make informed decisions aligned with their investment goals.

FAQs on IPO GMP Price

What is Grey Market Premium (GMP)?

Grey Market Premium (GMP) is the difference between the expected IPO price and the market price of the shares before listing.

Can IPO GMP guarantee profits?

No, IPO GMP reflects market expectations, but actual post-listing performance can vary.

How is IPO GMP calculated?

IPO GMP is calculated as the percentage difference between the grey market price and the IPO price.

What role does investor sentiment play in IPO GMP?

Investor sentiment significantly influences IPO GMP, as positive sentiment can drive higher GMP.

Past IPO Grey Market Premium

IPO NamePriceGMPListed
Vishnu Prakash R Pungalia₹9960165
Aeroflex Industries₹10865197
Concord Biotech₹741₹110₹900
SBFC Finance₹57₹30₹82
Yatharth Hospital₹300₹80₹306
Netweb Technologies₹500₹400₹947
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank₹25₹15₹40
Yatharth Hospital₹317₹100₹430
Cyient DLM₹265₹150₹402
HMA Agro₹585₹-₹625
IKIO Lighting₹285₹100₹391
Nexus Select Trust₹100₹5₹103
Mankind Pharma₹1080₹100₹1300
Avalon Technologies₹436₹10₹436
Udayshivakumar Infra₹35₹5₹30
Global Surfaces₹140₹15₹164
Divgi TorqTransfer Systems₹590₹40₹620
Sah Polymers₹65₹10₹85
Radiant Cash Management₹99₹3₹103
Elin Electronics₹247Disc₹244
KFin Technologies₹366Disc₹267
Abans Holdings₹270Disc₹273
Landmark Cars₹506Disc₹471
Sula Vineyards₹357Disc₹361
Uniparts India₹577₹40₹575
Dharmaj Crop Guard₹237₹55₹266
Keystone Realtors₹541₹5₹555
Inox Green Energy₹65Disc₹60
Kaynes Technology₹587₹220₹778
Five Star Business Finance₹474Disc₹468
Archeran Chemicals₹407₹120₹450
Global Health₹336₹20₹401
Bikaji Foods₹300₹25₹322
Fusion Micro Finance₹368₹5₹360
DCX Systems₹207₹85₹207
Electronics Mart₹59₹30₹90
Harsha Engineers₹330₹130₹450
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank₹510₹15₹495
Dreamfolks Services₹326₹120₹508
Syrma SGS₹220₹55₹260
Aether Industries₹642₹15₹704
eMudhra IPO₹256+-₹10₹270
Ethos IPO₹878+-₹10₹825
Paradeep Phosphates₹42₹0.50₹44
Venus Pipes₹326₹30₹337
Prudent Corporate₹630+-₹10₹650
LIC IPO₹949+-₹12₹872
Rainbow Hospital₹542₹10₹510
Campus Activewear₹292₹50₹360
Hariom Pipe₹153₹15₹220
Veranda Learning₹137₹15₹157
Uma Exports₹68₹-₹76
Ruchi Soya₹650₹60₹855
Vedant Fashions₹866₹10₹935
Adani Wilmar₹230₹30₹227
AGS Transact₹175₹5₹175
CMS Info Systems₹216₹5₹220
Supriya Lifescience₹274₹130₹421
HP Adhesives₹274₹90₹315
Data Patterns₹585₹300₹856
Metro Brands₹500₹-₹437
Shriram Properties₹118₹-₹90
Anand Rathi Wealth₹550₹50₹600
Tega Industries₹453₹300₹760
Star Health₹900-₹50₹845
Go Fashion₹690₹450₹1310
Tarsons Products₹662₹180₹682
LatentView Analytics₹197₹300₹512
Sapphire Foods₹1150₹150₹1350
Sigachi Industries₹163₹230₹570
SJS Enterprises₹542₹60₹542
Aditya Birla AMC₹712₹25₹715
Paras Defence₹175₹220₹469
Sansera Engineering₹744₹65₹811
Vijaya Diagnostic₹531₹0₹540
Ami Organics₹610₹150₹910
Aptus Value Housing₹353₹0₹333
Chemplast Sanmar₹541₹0₹550
Nuvoco Vistas₹570₹0₹485
Windlas Biotech₹460₹85₹437
Devyani International₹90₹55₹141
Exxaro Tiles₹120₹15₹126
Krsnaa Diagnostics₹954₹320₹1005
Rolex Rings₹900₹450₹1250
Glenmark Life Sciences₹720₹90₹750
Tatva Chintan Pharma₹1083₹1100₹2111
GR Infraprojects₹837₹560₹1716
Clean Science₹900₹620₹1784
India Pesticides₹296₹65₹350
Dodla Dairy₹428₹95₹550
KIMS Hospital₹825₹110₹1009
Shyam Metalics₹306₹135₹380
Sona BLW Precision₹291₹5₹301
Lodha Developers₹486₹0₹436
Barbeque Nation₹500₹0₹482
Suryoday Small Bank₹305₹0₹293
Kalyan Jewellers₹87₹0₹74
Anupam Rasayan₹555₹70₹520
Laxmi Organic₹130₹45₹155
Craftsman Automation₹1490₹32₹1359
Nazara Technologies₹1101₹700₹1990
Easy Trip Planners₹187₹140₹212
MTAR Technologies₹575₹500₹1050
Heranba Industries₹627₹270₹900
Nureca Limited₹400₹80₹615
Brookfield India REIT₹275₹0₹281
Stove Kraft₹385₹65₹298
Home First Finance₹518₹150₹618
Indigo Paints₹1490₹900₹2607
Antony Waste₹315₹105₹436

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