Meson Valves India IPO GMP, Grey Market Premium Today

Meson Valves India GMP Today: Take a look at the current Grey Market Premium (GMP) for the Meson Valves IPO. The Grey Market Premium for Meson IPO has recently been updated. Keep an eye out for the most up-to-date IPO GMP figures for this company.

Meson Valves India, a supplier of valves, actuators, strainers, and remote-control valve systems, is set to launch its initial public offering (IPO) on September 8, 2023. The IPO will close on September 12, 2023. The company is looking to raise ₹31.09 crores through the IPO.

Meson Valves IPO GMP Today

Here is the day wise IPO GMP price for your ready reference. For the latest update you can check this IPO GMP page as well.

15 September₹95
14 September₹90
13 September₹90
12 September₹90
11 September₹80
10 September₹80
9 September₹80
8 September₹80
7 September₹70

Meson Valves India Limited IPO GMP FAQs

What is Meson Valves India IPO GMP today?

The current GMP for Meson Valves is Rs. 90 i.e. 88% gain on the offer price.

What is the expected return for Meson Valves IPO?

The expected return on the Meson Valves is around 100%.

Should I stay invested in Meson Valves for long term?

It depends on your financial goal and time horizon. Also look at your risk appetite while investing in to any IPO.

When will Meson Valves IPO be listed?

The listing date for Meson Valves is set to 21st September 2023.

What is Grey Market Premium?

Grey market premium (GMP) is the premium amount at which grey market IPO shares are traded before they get listed in the stock exchange. In simple words, the stock of the company that came up with the IPO is bought and sold outside the stock market.
The GMP reflects how the IPO might react on a listing day. For instance, if the company introduces an IPO of Rs. 100 and the grey market premium is around Rs. 20 then we can assume the IPO to list around 120 rupees on listing day. There is no reliability but in most cases, the GMP works properly and IPO list around the given price.
The grey market is an unofficial market where shares are traded before they are listed on the stock exchange. The grey market is not regulated by any authority and there is no guarantee that the shares will be listed at the GMP.
The GMP is determined by the demand and supply of the shares in the grey market. If there is more demand for the shares than supply, the GMP will be higher. If there is more supply than demand, the GMP will be lower.
The GMP can be a good indicator of the sentiment towards an IPO. If the GMP is high, it means that investors are optimistic about the IPO and expect it to list at a premium. If the GMP is low, it means that investors are not as optimistic about the IPO and expect it to list at a discount.
However, it is important to note that the GMP is not always accurate and the IPO may not list at the GMP. Investors should always do their own research before investing in an IPO.
Here are some of the factors that can affect the grey market premium:
The demand and supply of the shares in the grey market.
The performance of the stock market in general.
The sentiment towards the IPO company.
The issue price of the IPO.
The lock-in period for the shares.
Investors should carefully consider these factors before investing in an IPO based on the grey market premium.

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